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Don’t eat cholesterol but eat away the cholesterol

People are now well aware about benefits of choosing good food, that is having healthy eating habits, what food should we consume to what food we should not have. Yet with this information wide spread on Internet, we struggle in eating the right kind of food. Most of time we begin with healthy eating but over extended period of time we don’t maintain eating right food and we succumb to eating foods which are high on calories and low in essential nutrients.

The reason behind the diversion from healthy eating is rushed lifestyle, ongoing stress, and the attraction of eating sinful food and easily availability and low prices of these foods. Thus we end up having more cholesterol in our body. Cholesterol is core component that turns into fats or is the adipose tissues in body. More Read Myocardial Infarction and Exercises

One solution to keeping check and control the cholesterol is to eat food which in turn eats away our fats, that is food which are cholesterol busters.

To begin with have oatmeal, oatmeal is not just America’s breakfast fad rather oatmeals have made it to home of people around the world who are health conscious. In form of oatmeal breads and flakes, you must eat oatmeal. Oats are high on fibers and also help in preventing cholesterol to retain in bloodstream. Next thing that you could change in your breakfast is have Margarine instead of having butter. Its known to be poor cousin of rich in cholesterol butter. But margarine is rich with plant sterols. Plant sterols is a potent cholesterol buster. Also food like kidney beans, beans, barley and prunes are also good sources.

Apple a day also keeps the Cholesterol at Bay

Well this is latest version of the phrase, apples lowers concentration of bad cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, so you should eat apple every day. Apples have in them anti oxidants and pectin which lowers and also fight with cholesterol.

Ploy with Soy to become anti cholesterol

Soy has flavorless which is group of compound which are natural agents in fighting cholesterol . Have Tofu, Soy Milk, energy bars, soy flours, nuts and granules.


Nuts are healthy  and helps in keeping oneself young. Don’t gorge on nuts blindly but maintain basic intakes of nuts like walnuts, almonds and pistachios. Nuts have polyunsaturated fatty acids which helps in reducing thickness of blood and fights with harming effects of cholesterol. Nuts are sources of Omega 3 fatty acid which are also effective as fighting agents against cholesterol and also control blood pressure.

Olive oil- foils cholesterol

Olive oil is one such rare food which is endorsed by Food and Drug Administration in USA. Recommended to people who have history  of problems in cardiovascular and of high cholesterol. Olive oil has oleic acid, sterols and also stanols  ( both tighter called as phytosterols) and phenols which helps in lowering cholesterol.

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