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Blossoming Beauties – Highlights of the Rose Bowl Parade 2024

The Rose Parade, or the Tournament of Rose Bowl Parade, happens every New Year’s Day in Pasadena, California. It’s a big deal that’s been around since way back in 1890. Picture this: huge floats covered in flowers, awesome marching bands, and cool horse riders—all making their way down the streets.

People from all over, like hundreds of thousands of them, line up along the streets to watch. And guess what? Millions more catch it on TV! But that’s not all. There’s another big event called the Tournament of Roses, which includes the Rose Bowl Game—a college football game played on the same day as the parade. It’s like a double dose of fun in Pasadena!

Rose Bowl Game

The Rose Bowl Game, known fondly as “The Big One,” is a special American college football event that happens every New Year’s Day in Pasadena, California. It’s a historic game, dating all the way back to 1902, making it the very first postseason college football showdown ever!

As part of the big Pasadena Tournament of Roses bash, it kicks off with a fun parade before the game starts. And let’s not forget the big prize—the winning team gets to take home the shiny Leishman Trophy as a reward for their hard work and skill on the field.

Who played Rose Bowl Parade 2024?

The 2024 Rose Bowl Game was a real big deal! It happened on New Year’s Day and was part of the College Football Playoff Semifinals, where only the best teams get to play. One team, the Alabama Crimson Tide, was ranked number 4 and they were super strong, aiming for another championship win.

Their opponents were the Michigan Wolverines, ranked number 1. The Wolverines had faced some tough times earlier in the season but bounced back strong. It was like watching a classic showdown, and it ended with Michigan winning in overtime by just a tiny bit, 27-20.

When and where was the Rose Bowl Parade 2024?

On January 1st, 2024, the Rose Parade lit up the streets of Pasadena, California, just like it does every year. The fun started bright and early at 8:00 am PST, with colorful floats, awesome bands, and horse riders strutting their stuff. It’s a big deal in Pasadena, and people from all over come to see the show!

Ways to Watch the Parade


Tune in to big networks like NBC, ABC, Hallmark Channel, RFD-TV, or Univision to catch the parade on TV.


Many channels mentioned above also offer live streams on their websites or apps. Visit,, or the Hallmark Channel website. You can also stream through services like Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, or DirecTV Stream (subscriptions required).


App If you’ve got cable or satellite, download the network’s app on your phone or tablet. With apps like NBC, ABC, or Univision, you can easily watch the parade on the go.

How to Buy Tickets

To snag your tickets hassle-free, buying online is your best bet. Sharp Seating has a whole section on their website dedicated just to Rose Parade tickets. Head over to their site ([Rose Parade Tickets & Deals Sharp Seating]) to grab yours with ease. But if you’re more of a talker than a clicker, no worries—just give Sharp Seating a call directly at (626) 795-4171, and they’ll sort you out in no time!

How much are Tickets to the Rose Bowl Parade ?

If you want to snag a seat at the Rose Parade, be ready to spend between $75 and $125. The closer you are to the action, the more it might cost you. Keep an eye on Sharp Seating’s website around late summer or fall to grab your tickets before they’re gone!

When Rose Parade 2025

As the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, all eyes turn to Pasadena, California, where the Rose Parade steals the show every January 1st. Get ready to circle January 1, 2025, on your calendar because that’s when the 136th Rose Parade and 111th Rose Bowl Game are happening! But here’s a fun fact: if New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday, the parade and game move to the next day. It’s a tradition that’s been going strong since way back in 1893 when the Rose Parade coincided with a Sunday for the first time.

What is the theme of the 2025 Rose Parade?

In 2025, the Rose Parade is all about celebrating the “Best Day Ever!” This theme is all about the happy moments in life, big or small, that make us smile. You’ll see floats showing off these special moments, all decked out in colorful flowers. Get ready for a parade filled with joy and happiness!


The Rose Parade, a cherished New Year’s Day tradition in Pasadena, California since 1890, captivates audiences worldwide with its vibrant floats, spirited marching bands, and equestrian displays. Drawing hundreds of thousands to its streets and millions to their TV screens, it’s a spectacle of unity and celebration.

Complemented by the historic Rose Bowl Game, the event offers a double dose of excitement. In the 2024 game, the Michigan Wolverines triumphed over the Alabama Crimson Tide in a thrilling contest. Looking ahead, mark your calendars for January 1, 2025, where the “Best Day Ever” theme promises to infuse the parade with boundless joy and unforgettable moments.

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