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Contributor guidelines

foolic.com is a publication aimed at bringing writers from all backgrounds together. An exciting place for new and upcoming writers who need a haven to develop their writing skills and receive feedback essential for growth. Home to experienced writers who want to express themselves, offer advice without compromising their personalities. 

Here are the core categories of stories we publish:

  • Any of the categories listed on our website
  • Trending topics
  • Your story, memories, and experiences
  • Inspirational pieces and self-improvement topics
  • Humor, funny stories, or clips
  • Fiction

What we expect in your articles before publishing:

Plagiarism: Any piece of content submitted on our website must be unique and plagiarism-free in order to be considered. Failure to adhere can result in an account ban. 

Word limit: Submissions for any of our blog sections should range between 600 and 800 words, while feature articles generally start at around 1200 words.

References: Please use hyperlinks for acknowledging sources rather than footnotes or endnotes. While using hyperlinks, make sure you select them to open in a new tab.

Auditors/moderators reserved the rights to:

  • substitute/remove your chosen Post tags in order to draw a larger audience and categorize your story on the publication.
  • To add/alter/remove any piece of information or links as per our editor’s preferences.
  • Once your content is published, we will not be removed from the website.

We send you email notifications after your article has been approved. If you didn’t receive notification within a couple of days, your story may not have been approved for publishing.

Because of the very large volume of submissions we receive, we will contact you only if we feel able to accept your piece. If you do not hear from us within seven business days, feel free to submit your article to other publications.

Please submit your article or pitch just once. Do not submit it to multiple editors.

And that’s pretty much it! If you agree to everything above, you are welcome on board and we look forward to your submission.