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A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Open Educational Resources

Welcome to the world of Open Educational Resources OER, where educators have the power to shape and share educational materials freely. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of creating OER materials, empowering educators to contribute to a collaborative and accessible learning environment.

Unveiling the Power of OER

Open Educational Resources, or OER, are educational materials freely available for educators and learners to use, modify, and share. This section provides an overview of the concept, emphasizing its role in democratizing education and fostering a culture of collaboration.

Why Create OER?

Before diving into the creation process, it’s essential to understand the motivations behind crafting OER. Explore the benefits, from promoting inclusivity and accessibility to fostering a sense of community among educators. Recognizing the value of OER sets the stage for a purpose-driven creation journey.

Getting Started with OER Creation

Creating OER doesn’t require advanced technical skills. This section guides educators through the initial steps, from defining the target audience and learning objectives to selecting appropriate formats for content creation. Emphasize simplicity and clarity to ensure your OER is accessible to a broad audience.

Choosing Open Licensing

One of the defining features of OER is the open license that allows others to use and modify the materials. Here, we delve into the various open licenses available, such as Creative Commons licenses, and guide educators in choosing the right one for their OER. Understanding licensing ensures proper attribution and respect for intellectual property.

Tools for OER Creation

Creating OER doesn’t necessitate advanced software skills. Explore a variety of user-friendly tools for content creation, such as Pressbooks, Canva, or Google Docs. This section provides an overview of each tool’s strengths and simplifies the process of selecting the most suitable one for your OER project.

Best Practices and Tips

To elevate your OER from good to great, adhere to best practices and incorporate practical tips. From engaging visuals to interactive elements, this section offers insights into creating impactful OER. Emphasize clarity, user-friendliness, and engagement to maximize the effectiveness of your educational materials.

Overcoming Challenges in OER Creation 

While creating OER is a rewarding endeavor, educators may encounter challenges along the way. This section addresses common hurdles, such as time constraints and concerns about the quality of self-created materials. Emphasize the collaborative nature of OER creation; educators can share the workload, pool resources, and collectively overcome challenges to produce high-quality materials.

Showcasing Successful OER Examples

To inspire educators embarking on their OER creation journey, this section highlights successful examples from various disciplines. Explore how educators worldwide have crafted OER to enhance their teaching and share valuable insights. Case studies serve as inspiration, demonstrating the positive impact of OER on both educators and learners.

The Impact of OER on Education 

Understanding the impact of Open Educational Resources (OER) on education is crucial for educators embarking on the creation journey. This section explores the positive effects of OER, from reducing costs for students to enhancing the adaptability of educational materials. Emphasize how OER contributes to a more inclusive and equitable educational landscape, breaking down barriers to access and providing diverse learning opportunities.

Continuous Improvement and Iteration

OER creation is not a one-time effort; it’s an ongoing process of improvement and iteration. Encourage educators to seek feedback from peers and learners, fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Emphasize the importance of revisiting and updating OER to reflect changes in the curriculum, technological advancements, and educational best practices, ensuring that materials remain relevant and effective.

Collaborative OER Creation Communities

Engaging with collaborative OER creation communities amplifies the impact of individual efforts. Explore platforms like OER Commons and MERLOT, where educators can share, adapt, and collaborate on educational materials. Highlight the benefits of joining these communities, such as access to a vast repository of resources, networking opportunities, and the ability to contribute to a global knowledge-sharing ecosystem.

Measuring the Impact of Your OER

After creating OER, it’s essential to assess its impact. Discuss strategies for measuring effectiveness, such as gathering feedback from students, tracking usage analytics, and conducting assessments. Emphasize the importance of data-driven insights to refine and enhance OER materials over time, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of both educators and learners.

 Addressing Accessibility in OER

Ensuring accessibility is a crucial aspect of OER creation. Discuss best practices for creating materials that accommodate diverse learners, including considerations for different learning styles, formats, and assistive technologies. Emphasize the role of inclusive design in making OER accessible to a broader audience, contributing to a more equitable learning experience.


In conclusion, the journey of creating Open Educational Resources is a dynamic and collaborative endeavor that empowers educators to actively shape the educational experience. By understanding the fundamental concepts of OER, recognizing motivations, navigating initial steps, choosing open licenses, exploring user-friendly tools, incorporating best practices, overcoming challenges, showcasing successful examples, understanding the impact on education, and emphasizing continuous improvement, educators become catalysts for positive change in the realm of education. The collaborative spirit of OER creation fosters inclusivity, accessibility, and innovation, making education a shared and enriching journey.

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