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Look Super Attractive with the new Foxtail Haircut

The foxtail haircut is another attractive hairstyle that has been added to the ever-growing list of haircuts. The beauty of a foxtail haircut is that men and women can style their hair in a foxtail haircut fashion. If you wish to have a fashionable hairstyle that is simple to maintain, a foxtail haircut is your answer. This haircut is suitable for men and women who have long hair or medium-length hair.

Foxtail haircut is a versatile haircut many hairstylists love to experiment with. Even without farming a complicated style, you can still rock your simple foxtail style confidently.

What Does A Foxtail Haircut Look Like?

What is a foxtail haircut? Understanding what a foxtail haircut lets you know what it looks like. The hairstylist makes a v-shaped haircut at the back of the client’s head. The top ends of the v-shaped cut point downward. This shape takes the form of a foxtail, hence the name ‘foxtail haircut.’ Foxtail is a simple and original style that is quite popular among the gen y and gen z populations. Avid trendsetters also love this haircut and have altered the hairstyle to suit their looks.

Who can rock a foxtail hairstyle?

  • Those who have voluminous (thick) hair.
  • Those that have straight hair.
  • Those who like to color their hair with color stretching products.
  • Those who have round faces or triangle-like faces.
  • Those that have hair that has slight waves. Although this hair type tends to be in less harmony with foxtail haircuts. However, a foxtail haircut makes it easy to straighten wavy hair.

Foxtail hairstyles

What is the most attractive haircut for a girl? Foxtail hairstyles are one of the most attractive haircuts on a girl. There are various ways of styling a foxtail haircut. It depends on your facial structure and shape, and your hair type.

An example is having a foxtail with bangs. A foxtail with bangs looks so stylish on the client. The foxtail aligns perfectly with bangs because the hairstylists can layer the hair and cut it along the layers. Towards the back of the head, the hairstylist can then cut the bangs in a V shape like a foxtail. The hairstylist may also change or part the style of the layered hair into various shapes.

Another example of a foxtail haircut with bangs is the arc and straight-shaped style. The hairstylist can extend the length of the cut or change the angle of the cut. This type of style is good for those with wide foreheads.

One unique way of styling your foxtail is to color the edges of the foxtail cut. Or you may decide to color your hair with one color and color the foxtail shape in another color.

Similarly, you may simply opt for color highlights to make your hair stand out. You may be adventurous and use a bold color on your hair and choose a lighter color for the foxtail cut. This will visually accent the border contours of your hair and makes your foxtail shaped hairstyle more visible. Furthermore, this style makes your hair look like it is falling like a waterfall. Go for this style if your hair has curls.

Lastly, you can also cut a foxtail on hair with no bangs.

Why you should choose a foxtail haircut:

  • It aligns with your bangs. It also makes the face shape more attractive.
  • Foxtail is for both medium and long hair. Unlike other haircuts that are only made for either long, short, or medium.
  • You don’t have to wait for the length of your hair to increase before you do another style.
  • Suitable for curly, straight hair, and hair with waves.
  • You can do formal foxtail styles to wear to formal occasions and parties or opt for informal styles to wear normally.
  • Gives you relief from the heaviness or thickness of your hair.
  • If your hair has high porosity and less volume, you may do a foxtail haircut. However, the result might not be as good as if the haircut is done on thick hair.


  • A foxtail haircut is not good for those that have thin hair.
  • If you have an oval facial structure, a foxtail haircut will not complement your face.
  • fox cut hairstyle for short hair: Short-haired people are unable to style their hair in foxtail shape.
  • If your hair is on a foxtail cut, you can’t weave the hair.
  • Curly and wavy-haired people with a foxtail haircut sometimes feel disappointed with the foxtail shape. This is because they notice that the foxtail shape in their hair is not visible.
  • You may end up with hair loss if your foxtail was layered and you decide to change your style.
  • Some stubborn hair may escape while cutting the foxtail hair shape.


Before you decide on a particular foxtail haircut, go online and check out foxtail haircut pictures. You can visit some haircut websites and browse through their catalogs to see which one suits you. If you are undecided, go to a professional hairstylist for style inspiration and advice. Professional hair stylists are trained to give you the best haircut and hair treatment that suits you.

In conclusion, never forget to maintain the foxtail haircut you choose.

It is a must for you to always maintain your foxtail haircut to retain the foxtail-like shape. This is the major disadvantage of having a foxtail haircut.

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