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Creative Ways to Promote Your Brand During a Virtual Event

The global pandemic has ingrained our lives undoubtedly and shifted our in-person work to remote stations. In such devastating times, big business brands who once used to promote their products via huge banners and displays all over the cities are now optimizing more profits with the help of digital platforms.

Digital event platforms today have become an integral part of the event industry. It has given so much to organizations that they surely believe it is going to be the future of the tech world.

But that’s not it! Even though physical events outcome is tremendous, the rapidly growing graph of COVID-19 cases can make it tough for organizations to advertise their brands during offline events.

After the virus took over the world and the lockdown period hit us. Many top brands started to invest time in their brand productivity, their brand-new creations and co-creations, tell us all. Isn’t it? But how did they reach there? How did they make their brands so incentive and appealing? and most importantly, what creative ways did you use to market their brands during a virtual event.

In this particular blog, we are going to be covering innovative incentives that you can utilize while promoting your brand during virtual events. So, let’s get started.

What is a Virtual Event?

A virtual event is an event taken over a web-based solution. It is similar to the one we used to host in person. You can host any kind of event starting from big conferences to small gatherings with your friends and families.

After the pandemic struck in our lives, virtual events saved us from drowning. It enabled people to connect more seamlessly as it eliminated the geographical restrictions from our way. Today, many event professionals and organizers say that virtual events made them double their profits and reach global clients. Building powerful connections, networking with your interested people, maximizing ROI, getting better analytic reports, better attendee experience is all a virtual event platform provides.

Not just that, virtual events also deducted the cost of many essentials that was once required in a physical event. They go like- A big venue, accommodations, food, and travel expenses. Now to conduct a virtual event you only need is a good and stable internet connection, a comfortable space, a portable device and that is it! You are all set to host or attend any meeting or concert with just a click! Isn’t that interesting?

Now, for promotion purposes, there are a vast number of creative ideas that your brand must about and should indeed take an account of it for a successful and worthwhile experience! Here we have mentioned 4 creative ways to promote your brand during a virtual event. Let’s get started!

Invite Interesting Speakers

One of the best ways to grab the attention of your target is to influence them with their idol. Invite speakers who can best deliver your content to your target market. This will help you in the promotion of your virtual event, as they may talk about your event on their social media handles which might help you gain a few extra handfuls of potential customers.

Send goodies to your attendees

Goodies or swag bags are the greatest means of advertising your brand both for traditional and virtual events. Freebies are always welcomed by everyone, and the creation of a brand image in the minds of consumers becomes a shift process. For this, you might have to spend some extra pennies on the lookbook of the goodies you have to offer. Find attractive packages for it. From choosing eco-friendly products to choosing goodies that might be of help to your attendees is totally open-ended. There are numerous options available in the market. Make sure if you are sending these freebies, plan it well in advance because delivery is not a speedy process during this time of the global pandemic.

Use Virtual Customised Background

This might be another way of branding your business in the virtual umbrella. Event-hosting platforms like Dreamcast have the feature of customizing the background of the screen. It will look like you are actually sitting in the personalized background and will cover up whatever is physically behind you. If you want to use this feature in full go you can always use full-motion video files of your brands and use it in your background immersively. This will look appealing and eye-catching. You can also increase audience engagement via this amazing functionality. All in all, you have to leverage these technological advancements to the fullest to leave the impression of your brand in the minds of your target market.

Giveaways Alert

Running gives away during virtual events is a great way to increase attendees’ engagement. It is somewhat similar to sending freebies but is on the low end of the budget line. Sending freebies can be costly and risky too especially during this time when nothing is safe outside. With giveaways, you can engage hundreds of attendees at the same time, which might not be possible in the case of freebies. Giveaways can be in the form of games, quizzes, polls, and lucky draws. This is just a refocus of the freebie plan, that brings competitiveness and activeness in the minds of the registrants. You must ensure that the prize you provide them with must be something related to the event. Giveaways are best suited for virtual exhibitions or virtual new product launches.

Over to You

The promotion of an event online is as complicated as promoting it offline. But obviously, to reach a wider audience and to establish a good foundation you must make sure that your event must be helpful and informative for those who attend, as this makes them returning. You can put on a super creative cap on yourself, and be as daring as possible to create jaw-dropping promotional strategies. This is a  new era of branding things.  Choose the above-mentioned creative ideas wisely and get set!

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