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Blinds Software: Accelerate Your Business Ahead

Every manufacturing unit owner is on the lookout for a software solution that reduced human errors and increased efficiency. Therefore, the search for an effective and efficient solution ends when you choose blinds software online. This software holds all answers to every manufacturing-related issue. Since the introduction of this software, the organization has performed better and increased its profits as well.

If you are an integral part of the blinds, shades, and shutter, you can also benefit from this software. Read this blog post to know more about the software, its features, and its benefits to the manufacturing industry.

Let’s begin by understanding blinds software online. This cloud-based software is for wholesalers and retailers of blinds, shades, and shutters. The software ensures proper implementation of sales tracking, job management, stock management, and more. Thus, resulting in the smart and systematic functioning of an organization. Adoption of the software also improves the overall performance of the company, thus increasing the profits.

This software has piqued the interest of many, including you. Then, let dive deep into its features that make your life simple and effortless.

Never miss an appointment:

 This is now a reality. You can easily set up appointments, track and send reminders for the same. Thus, providing effective customer service.

Find everything in one place:

 You don’t have to open various tabs to find products or pricing. With this software, you can easily add products, categories, attributes, and up-charges. Now, finding all the details is just a click away.

Integrated accounting system:

This includes integrated cloud-based accounting software – Quickbooks. Now, all your accounting details will also be in one place.

Manage orders with ease:

Gone are the days of filling long forms to place, track and complete an order. Now, you can take complete details of the order with absolute ease.

The addition of customers, retailers, and suppliers made easy:

You can quickly add, edit, or delete customers, retailers, and suppliers’ details.

Show your products:

This is an advanced feature. In this, you can upload images of your products and show the same to potential and existing customers. Filters can also be used.

Effortlessly track inventory:

 Next time you want to track your inventory all you need to do is, switch on your system, open the blinds measuring software quality, type in the details, and within minutes find all the required details in minutes.

Send bulk emails and SMS in minutes:

Thanks to this software now you can send bulk emails and SMS to various customers and retailers. Sending the communication only takes only a few minutes.

Ensure correctness of sales commission:

Paying the correct sales commission to one or multiple employees can be a tedious task. With this software, you can track sales and commission on a daily, monthly, and project basis.

Buy from other wholesalers:

when a wholesaler using the BMS Link System, just like you, can buy or sell from other wholesalers to any other retailers using the same software.

Trouble-free tracking of shipping:

When you ship a consignment, the in-built UPS helps track shipping and delivery of the packages.

Ordering from outside wholesalers:

You can order from those retailers who are not using the BMS Link System as well.

Seamlessly create work order:

Once the order gets approved, the software automatically recreates a word order. With the help of a barcode and scanner, you can progress, internally.

Effortlessly generate multi-quote:

Multi-quotes can be given to the customer. In this way, customers get a clear idea and they can compare the prices of blinds, shutters, and other products, before finalizing products.

Now that you have an in-depth understanding of the features of the software, here’s why you need to opt for BMS Link to be your partner in accelerating your business ahead.

  • Maintain excellent customer service and get repeat business with this software.
  • Improve advertising effectiveness and increase sales conversion rates
  • Thanks to the blinds measuring software quality, improve quoting accuracy and eliminate costly mistakes
  • Assists in easy estimation and invoicing to improve cash flow.
  • Access your business transactions, anytime and anywhere.

Adopt the software and witness the difference it brings to your business. It is time to move your business ahead.

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