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Compromises People do in the absence of a Shopify development Agency.

Starting an eCommerce business using Shopify custom development can turn into a good step for you. Shopify is among the leading platforms that enable you to build a robust eCommerce platform with utmost ease. You also need to hire a Shopify development agency for portals that stand out from the competition.

Shopify offers easy-to-use tools that can help you build your store without much technical expertise. It often tempts the users to avoid hiring a Shopify development agency to try things themselves. We are not against trying your hands on the platform but, if you need a winning result, Shopify custom development services can deliver it.

Shopify Development Company Knows

Only an expert developer or Shopify development company knows those ins and outs of development that lead to successful solutions. The vast community support and unbeatable tools may help you do it yourself. The only problem with the DIY approach is that you have to compromise with your stores.

Today we will try to find the shortcomings that your stores can suffer without a Shopify development agency. Before starting our discussion on it, let’s find out why Shopify is the best choice for running an eCommerce store.

Why do entrepreneurs and startups love Shopify for eCommerce?

Numerous platforms help users to create online stores and start earning revenues. If you own a brick-and-mortar store, you can turn it into an online shop within a few days. People often ask why Shopify is the best choice when we have so many other platforms like Wix, Magento, Bigcommerce, and Woo-commerce.

The below points will help you understand why Shopify should be your first choice to build an online store for your business:-

  • More than 15000 popular brands use Shopify to reach customers through eCommerce.
  • Shopify has more than 10,000 apps that can help you add exceptional functionalities.
  • You can easily find the theme matching your business logic on Shopify. It is hard to find on other platforms.
  • There are plenty of Shopify custom development agencies at your disposal.
  • Shopify contributes to more than 70% market share of eCommerce websites in 2021.
  • More than 50 million users used Shopify stores to purchase products and services.
  • Shopify Stores has an average conversion rate of around 2%. It is way higher than other eCommerce platforms.

Compromises made by businesses without Shopify custom development

  • Failure to build a Brand consistent and feature-rich store

Establishing an online store that helps your businesses to gain a reputation as a brand is your top priority. The problem with working in the absence of a Shopify development agency is that you can’t take up customizations that need pro skills. 

You will never be able to build unique stores using the same themes and templates your competitors might be using. The experts from Shopify custom development companies help you match the brand guidelines. They will power your stores with outstanding functionalities and features.

  • Inability to create the SEO friendly online stores

Not having an SEO-friendly store can put you behind other competitors. Almost every business wishes to get organic traffic by ranking higher in the search rankings. If you don’t hire an expert Shopify developer, you may have to rely on paid promotions. 

  • Zero competitor Analysis hampering your business strategies

Shopify custom development services also help you to conduct competitor analysis. It helps to identify the features and functionalities crucial for your success. Also, If you want to formulate the winning strategies, you have to know what works best in the industry.

  • No reward programs and promotions to sustain users

Not hiring an expert Shopify custom development expert means that your store will not have loyalty programs and promotions. If you check out your competitor, you will hardly find anyone not using these features to attract customers. You cannot sustain your customers without employing such measures to keep them engaged with the users.

  • Lacking the multi-payment and multilingual functionality

There are more than 180 countries around the globe where your business can get customers. Don’t judge my GK as I am not including the countries with zero eCommerce presence. 

Therefore, A portal with the ability to entertain users speaking different languages can increase your user base. Your Shopify store can increase the users’ trust by providing an option to pay in the local currencies.

  • Failure to build stores that can meet your scalability needs

Further, You must be planning to grow your business with time. It is not just your business that needs to be prepared for it. Your online store should be able to do it too. You should add the features that help you scale up the business whenever the opportunity strikes. Only a reputed Shopify development agency will help you build scalable solutions.


These are a few reasons that will surely make you think twice before ignoring the services of Shopify development agency. You are going to spend a lot of time and money on your eCommerce store. It will be wise to have trusted Shopify custom development experts by your side to get success with your projects.

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