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Best Features of an SEO-Friendly Ecommerce Platform

Many entrepreneurs still have a doubt about how to select the best SEO-friendly eCommerce platform. Nowadays, finding such a platform is quite a hectic task as many service providers claim to come up with that. However, you need to realize that it is not a simple platform. Ecommerce development is a challenge, and building an SEO-friendly platform requires some additional talent and skills. If you are someone who wants to know how to create SEO-friendly e-commerce solutions, then in this article, I will tell you some features of an SEO-friendly eCommerce platform.

12 Features Of An SEO-friendly Ecommerce Platform

1. Optimized URLs

With digital marketing getting more powerful, new features have arisen so far. Such features have made URLs SEO-friendly for every type of platform. An SEO-friendly eCommerce platform will always have static and rich keyword URLs, which makes it stand out from the other platforms.

2. Title Of The Page

The title is an extremely important part of any online platform. It is very useful if you want to get ahead of the competition. In terms of SEO, your platform must allow you to edit titles for every page. Titles that could be edited can give you higher ranks in the future.

3. SEO-Friendly Redirects

The 301 redirects are generally considered to be SEO-friendly. It is quite frequent in an eCommerce business that you delete and add pages and products from time to time. With 301 redirects, you will not lose the valuable traffic which you earned until now. Also, your audience will be easily redirected to the new page.

4. Use Canonicalization

It is a method to index your website correctly together with ranking it using different URLs. Thus you can have different URLs for the same category. This is important, as a search engine could pick the best URL from the available URLs to rank your website. However, you should go to Google recommendations to avoid penalties.

5. Navigation Structure Should Be Search-Friendly

People should not have any problems navigating your website. If your platform takes too long to load, things will not work for you. Most importantly, try to remove all heavy content like Flash animation and other images from your platform. Besides, superfluous links should not exist for your platform.

6. XML Sitemaps That Are Automated

XML is the feature that allows web crawlers to crawl your website every time. Google or any other search engine will crawl your website by using an XML sitemap. However, XML sitemap should be updated frequently so that your eCommerce platform get higher ranks.

7. Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be used to boost the SEO performance of an eCommerce platform. There are still some platforms that do not support tracking eCommerce platforms. If you are unable to get one, digital marketing professionals specialized in eCommerce can help you out.  

8. Meta Tags

The noindex meta tags are the tags that come in the category of the robots meta tag. It is a preferred solution for your SEO-friendly eCommerce platform. An ideal one should be able to display such types of meta-tags.

9. Blogging

It may surprise you, but blogs can be used to perform SEO for your eCommerce development platform. Blogging has always remained an effective way to get better results in digital marketing. Search engines recommend blogging that is completely featured. It should be the one people love to share.

10. Robot.txt File

This is also an important file that is not meant for web crawlers to crawl. Such a file is used by your platform to block crawlers from crawling files that are not in HTML formats. You could have PDF files for your eCommerce website which you don’t want web crawlers to crawl.

11. Analytics

You should have analytics functionality integrated with an eCommerce platform so that your platform goes well with keywords your customers will be typing. Landing your audience on your site is not enough these times. You should have something more to offer to the people.

12. Speed

A website that takes a long time to open has always been a great issue in the world of the internet. Your eCommerce platform should not be loaded with lengthy videos and other heavy components. No matter how big your platform is, it should open within five to ten seconds.

To Sum Up

There can be many features that will be relevant to an SEO-friendly eCommerce platform. The ones I have discussed above are the top features of an SEO-friendly eCommerce platform. According to me, you should hand over your eCommerce project to ecommerce solution providers. These companies know what fits best for your SEO needs. To enhance the performance, you can add more plugins to your platform as they allow enhanced experience for your users. Lastly, your platform should be cost-effective. It should help you achieve goals together with user satisfaction.

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