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Design your Website Accordingly to Boost your PPC Performance

A website has a bunch of things that boost your business and revenue by a considerable margin. If the website is maintained correctly and shows steady growth, then the profits will multiply. One thing that decides whether the website will sustain or not is the website design. The more appealing and well-designed your website is, the more loyal traffic you will get, and the rest follows. Along with traffic comes advertisements and click-through rate. Pay per click or PPC is a simple concept where advertisers pay a fee every time one of the ads is clicked. To build such a unique website and design, Website Design Company in Kolkata, India is where you should be looking for.

How can website design affect PPC performance?

Your entire PPC performance depends on the user experience on the website. This way, you not only get traffic but also start getting the right advertisers. On the other hand, if the website design is shaky, then the whole PPC campaign suffers. To smoothen and make the user experience better, website design plays a crucial role. In other words, the better the design, the better the user experience. But what are the factors in website design that affects the performance of PPC services? Let’s find out:

Page Speed:

If a page takes more time to load, the user will likely leave the site without checking it out. A survey by Unbounce stated that more than 50% of the visitors leave the site if the sites take more than 3 seconds to load. This is due to the heavy designing of the web page, so keep the design simple, and you will regain that more than 50% lost visitors. Thus, more traffic and a good PPC performance.

Technical Errors:

The website’s technical errors are common issue users face while surfing on a particular website. Usually, first-time users tend to get an error, and it can be a severe problem with the advertising leads. Therefore, you should make sure the website remains intact and efficient while it’s on the web.


Most people use the internet on their mobile phones. This means their access to your website is through mobiles. Hence, your PPC campaign should consider mobile users specifically. So, rather than giving a mobile-friendly website, developing a site as a mobile-first website can give you better traffic and hence good PPC performance. Web Design Company in Kolkata, India, can provide you with a good, responsive website and increase your PPC performance.

Confusing goals:

With time, your website will have more pages and content published on them. This means more pages for PPC services that can easily confuse the visitor. So, designing it in such a way that the website will be easy-to-use for visitors can be a good move.

When visitors get other options, they tend to shift to another website, which can give a fatal blow to your PPC. So to generate more leads and boost the PPC performance, you must keep the website simple to use, keeping the process and goal for the user clear. Keeping the goals clear and not confusing the visitor makes them loyal.

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Structured layout: This is what designers do; they structure the design of the website so good that it gives a better experience for the user. A good structure makes sure it is clear for the user to get whatever he wants without effort. You shouldn’t let improper structure and multilayer designs result in your user cut. This affects the CTC process hence a poor PPC performance. Keep the website layout user-friendly rather than just adding layers to it.

PPC of marketing entirely depends on the traffic the website is getting. The more traffic, the more will be advertisers and more revenue. Good client traffic also ensures higher-paying opportunities. This all depends on website design. The better the website design, the better will be your PPC performance. Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata, India, develops and designs the most user-friendly and relevant website for their clients. Thus, reaching out to the agency can do wonders for your money-making tool.

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