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Orphaned OST File to PST Conversion: 3 Manual Techniques

Recovering orphaned OST file to PST format may be a pressing need due to a variety of factors. As a result, this blog will show you how to convert an orphaned OST file to a PST file.

“I’ve been using Outlook for the past two years, and it’s been running without a hitch. However, my Exchange server crashed one day, and my OST file was left in an inaccessible state. I’m no longer able to open this file in Outlook or any other application. Due to the huge crash, I believe my file became orphaned. What should I do now? Someone, please assist me in finding a solution to this problem.”

The scenario described above illustrates the need for a solution to convert orphaned OST files to PST. The best way to deal with the aforementioned issue is to recover data from OST to PST using Top Advised OST to PST converter. Before we get into the solutions, let’s talk about why OST gets detached from its parent server in the first place. So, let’s get started!

What Causes an Orphaned OST File to PST?

A number of issues separate an OST file from its parent server. For a better understanding of the cause, we can divide it into two categories: hardware and software.

Hardware Issues:

When the hardware that stores Exchange database files fails, the OST files become orphaned. This issue is mostly caused by three factors.

Failure of Data Storage Elements:

If the hard drive has some defective sectors, you will be able to read only a portion of the file. You may also see an error message stating that outlook .ost is orphaned or unavailable.

Abnormal or Sudden Power Failure:

Occasionally, the system power breaks unexpectedly, and the OST files are isolated from their parent server. The database is damaged as a result of this condition, and the OST file becomes orphaned.

Failure of the Controller Card:

Any failure of a card that is utilized with the Exchange server results in data loss or corruption. This prevents users from accessing Outlook offline folders, which results in file inaccessibility.

Reasons for using Software

Virus or Malware Infection:

Viruses can infect or damage OST storage files. This is why it is highly recommended that an anti-virus program be installed on the Exchange server.

Unconscious Human Activities:

Unconscious human activities such as database deletion, unsystematic operating system administration, incorrect segmentation of storage components, and so on, can all lead to database file unavailability.

Deny Exchange Server Mailbox Access:

If the OST file’s parent Exchange server is unexpectedly removed or disabled, the OST file will become orphaned. As a result, exercise caution when working with the server.

Convert Orphaned OST File to PST Files Manually

There are three options for opening an orphaned OST file in the form of a PST file. However, in order to use these workarounds, you must have Outlook installed on your computer.

Step: 1 Use the Microsoft Outlook Export Feature.

Only when Outlook is connected to an MS Exchange server can the solution be used. Rest assured, you may recover orphaned OST file data and save it in PST format by following the procedures below:

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook email program.
  • Navigate to File >> Click Next after exporting to a file.
  • Choose PST from the list of choices and click Next.
  • Select all of the folders that need to be converted and turn on the conversion. Option to include subfolders
  • Click the Finish button after selecting the location of the exported PST file.

Step 2: Making Use of Microsoft Outlook’s Archive Function

To convert an orphaned OST file to PST file, perform the steps below one by one:

  • Open the Microsoft Outlook software on your computer.
  • Go to File >> Save As. Option to archive
  • You’ll be sent to a screen where you can choose which folder or file to archive.
  • Find the location of the resulting Outlook PST file.
  • Finally, press the OK button to start the desired procedure.

Step 3: For orphaned OST files, create a new PST file.

This fix entails recovering items from an orphaned OST file and creating a new PST file with the following settings:

  • Open the MS Outlook email client on your computer.
  • In your existing Outlook profile, create a new PST file.
  • Finally, drag and drop all mailbox folders in PST format that need to be relocated.

Is there still a problem?

End customers confront numerous hurdles when it comes to implementing free solutions. It may be tough for a beginner user to cope with an orphaned OST file. As a result, users might take advantage of a third-party program as an alternative solution. The program is called OST to PST File Converter, and it examines files thoroughly in order to recover orphaned OST file data and export it to PST format. A person can use this method to convert an orphaned OST file to a PST file without having to install Outlook. Working with this measure will make you feel like the frosting on the cake, as you will be able to provide clients with a satisfactory result.

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