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Delivery Management System – Automated Shipping Processes

Delivery Management is the process of controlling the logistics processes. It involved in the movement of goods between their point A to B. It includes all aspects of the movement of materials, passengers, and cargo and involves all modes of transport employed to bring the goods to their customers. Delivery Management Software is used in the areas of carrier management, warehousing, and distribution.

Delivery Management Software helps in efficient and controlled movement of goods and passengers for both the commercial and private sectors. DMS facilitates the tracking of goods, keeping track of the delivery status, location, and mode of delivery.

Fleet Management with DMS

A delivery management system provides the tools for controlling the movement of inventory and freight, as well as the processes involved in ordering and receiving. Delivery Management Software includes complete solutions for all enterprise mobility needs, ranging from point-to-point to network-based applications.

It also enables improved interoperability and reduced cost, with a direct impact on operational procedures and business costs. This software helps in automation processes such as workflow management, asset and stock management, and multiple dispatches.

Reduced Delivery Cost and Time

The delivery management software offers complete solutions for carrier optimization, warehousing, and distribution. In fact, most the businesses today have started using delivery management software. It has reduced the cost and time to a great extent. The advanced version of the software can provide real-time analysis of your shipping and receiving activities, thereby enabling you to take timely actions such as increase delivery frequency or reduce peak traffic.

DMS Features

Delivery Management Software provides various features, such as

  • shipping cost optimization
  • multi-way routing
  • load balancing
  • order placement and forecasting.

Shipment Status Alerts

It creates an easy-to-use dashboard, which allows the user to see at a glance the status of their shipments. This software can be used for many purposes, such as controlling the flow of traffic, reducing waiting time, increasing delivery speed, and ensuring that the correct shipments are shipped at the right time. Another important feature is the ability to automatically re-order your shipments, based on the current shipping schedule. If a shipment is delayed, it can be easily adjusted according to the latest information.

Real-time delivery notifications

Real-time updates are one of the most significant advantages of this software. It provides real-time updates to the shipment status. When a new shipment arrives on the delivery schedule, the system will automatically update the schedule, so that the customer knows about the delivery.

Automate Delivery Dispatch

The schedule can be altered or modified by the administrator, according to the current needs. Moreover, if a shipment is delayed or canceled, the system helps in finding out the reason for the late or non-arrival.

Real-time delivery tracking

DMS also includes features that help in keeping track of the status of a particular shipment even after it reaches the destination.

For example, if a driver finds a package during the delivery process and does not report it till the delivery truck reaches the delivery location, the tracking details of the package would be totally lost.

The tracking system in question has an integrated system, which notifies the control center if there has been a delay in the delivery. If that truck does not reach the delivery location till the next day, then it will relay the message to the control center. The software has the ability to generate reports according to the latest details.

Delivery Route Optimization

This delivery management system has been designed keeping in view the unique requirements of a large variety of deliveries. Therefore, if a package is being delivered over a number of routes. After that DMS can be used for tracking each and every delivery, in detail. Details pertaining to all the deliveries can be generated in an easy to use interface. Apart from tracking the shipment progress, this system can also indicate the speed at which a particular delivery is going.

One of the other important features of this system is that it can be configured so that it predicts the shipping time. This saves money and time, as all the routes can be covered with the software. This system has been designed by keeping all these features in mind and can be customized according to the individual business requirements.

The delivery tracking system can easily be installed in a day, which does not need any additional equipment or support from the IT support services. This makes it a highly convenient option for all types of delivery companies.

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