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Must-Have Features for On-Demand Parcel Delivery App

The on-demand parcel delivery app exemplifies how technology is changing our daily lives. You can use this app to request a doorstep parcel delivery service, and your packages, goods, and letters will be delivered to their destination with excellent customer service.

The convenience of parcel delivery is considerable. And there has been a surge in demand for courier app development. In 2018, the global courier services industry was worth 299 million dollars, and by 2025, it is projected to be worth 464 million dollars.

It’s no wonder that online shopping has established itself as the new norm. Why go to the supermarket when you can get anything you need with a few taps and swipes on your Smartphone? Customers in various industry verticals, such as hospitality, healthcare, and eCommerce, have shown great interest in using an on-demand delivery application. Courier services play an important role in delivering products on time to customers’ doorsteps in the age of online shopping and commerce.

A robust on-demand parcel delivery app can effectively address all of the challenges associated with tracking consignments and delivering products. The on-demand parcel delivery app can improve the efficiency and popularity of your courier services. But the question is, what are the most important features that your on-demand parcel delivery app must have?

Features To Make Parcel Delivery Apps Indispensable

These essential features must be included in the on-demand courier delivery app in order for it to be truly indispensable.

1. User Friendly UX/UI Design

A well-designed app says a lot about your company. So, during on-demand delivery app development, make sure to include a visually appealing design that will entice customers. Your app should be simple to use and appealing to your intended audience. Your website’s loading speed should be quick and error-free.

2. 24X7 Tracking Assistance

A real-time tracking feature has the potential to make or break your app. You must include this feature in every section of the app at all times. Customers would receive updates and notifications 24X7 and would be able to track their packages at any time. It can assist the administrator in matching drivers based on their availability and location. It can also help users pinpoint their location with unrivaled precision.

3. Option for Faster Delivery

Adding this feature to your app will make it stand out from the crowd. Customers who require prompt service can benefit from premium delivery. Same-day delivery can be added to the list of features for these on-demand apps. You can also use this feature to provide shipping discounts over a certain amount.

4. Offline Features While Poor Connectivity

This is a key aspect that must be included in the driver’s section. When traveling, internet access may be a major problem, but they can stay updated. During your journey, you can use the WiFi function to stay linked.

5. Admin chat

This function is essential because it allows administrators to communicate with users and delivery representatives. A well-coordinated initiative leads to higher service quality.

6. Multiple packaging options

The packaging for all parcels is not the same; some are extremely fragile and must be packed with extreme care. Some of them do not require packaging at all, but they must be considered for privacy. Your company’s packaging options should include all of these options.

7. Flexible Payment options

There are numerous digital payment options available today. To support all of these payment options, your application should be integrated with a versatile payment gateway that accepts all mainstream payment options, including but not limited to debit cards, credit cards, internet banking, and wallets. Customers should be able to receive a digital receipt that includes information such as the time and date of delivery, a description of the product, and charges.

8. Push notifications

Users, executives, and administrators should receive push notifications from your app. Every move taken to deliver the parcel to the user’s site, including dispatch and shipping information, should be communicated to them.

9. Help and Review section

The review section is necessary for obtaining positive feedback for your app. You can make changes based on the feedback and pitch for greater customer satisfaction. Customers should be able to contact customer service if they have any problems.

Benefits of On-Demand Parcel Delivery App

Parcel delivery apps, regardless of one‘s business model, provide a number of benefits.

1. They make it simpler and more convenient for your customers to track their packages. And, as we all know, a better customer experience aids in the development of brand loyalty. Customer satisfaction, in turn, translates to improved company and increased sales for you.

2. For company owners, parcel delivery apps have more staff flexibility and lower operational costs. If your couriers will use their own smartphones to check parcels in and out and obtain signatures from recipients, there is no need for bulky devices.

3. Furthermore, if you use package delivery services, you will not need to hire in-house couriers. Finding independent contractors to deliver your packages will be much easier and faster than onboarding and retaining your in-house staff.


This guide should have illuminated the key aspects that you need to know in order to build an on-demand delivery app. But this isn’t enough to keep up with the competition. In today’s fast-paced digital age, you’ll also need to make constant improvements to stay ahead of the competition.

The courier app development would reduce workloads, human interaction, and logistical conflict. The majority of logistics companies are focusing their efforts on developing personalized delivery applications for their customers. Embrace digital innovation and build a fantastic app that customers would enjoy. Do you already run a courier delivery service? Then automate it with one of our incredible courier delivery services.

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