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Top Competitors of Magento

Magento is a well-known eCommerce platform for creating a website. It is the 2nd most popular platform in the world for offering solutions to the eCommerce website. This platform allows customization to a great extent with perfect functioning. In this article, we will be discussing the market completion of Magento and its existing competitors.

More than 250k sellers around the globe found using Magento and these statistics shared by Magento itself, further 9% of the market share of the eCommerce market in the US is captured by Magento. We can’t refuse the truth that Magento has made its strong position as an open-source solution provider for the business to customize but it is also true that Magento is not the right choice for every type of business.

Following are the biggest competitors of Magento


BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that helps in creating web-based stores for those who want to commence their own online business. BigCommerce has incredible features and you can easily upload products, pictures, place orders, can create new pages, with the unique option of claiming the discount vouchers. Designing your store using drag and drop panels is also possible plus it offers both mobile templates and website templates so that you can make both mobile store and the desktop store apart from this, Category Migration, Integration of API, Customization of theme, Custom web designing, Development and Integration of Plugins are also available facilities. BigCommerce provides features such as shopping cart and social media toolbar with easy YouTube video integration. All this list of offerings makes the current position of BigCommerce influential in the market over other available eCommerce platforms.


Shopify is an eCommerce platform that makes online trading possible for anyone. You can also say that it is a subscription-based software service that provides an opportunity to create a website and makes it easy to use shopping cart solution to sell, ship, and organize your products. Shopify is the easiest eCommerce platform and in the eCommerce marketplace, Shopify is perceived as one of the leaders. Setting your store to make lots of income is not something tough anymore if you have Shopify. It offers deals with customization, order management system, and easy billing systems through a user-friendly interface.


WooCommerce has made its position in the marketplace like the one of the most popular eCommerce platform. WooCommerce is a free and open-source eCommerce platform similar to WordPress. It is not premium based and downloading is it’s completely free for anyone, who wants to use it with modification. WooCommerce offers numerous downloads with controls over an online store of more than twenty-eight percent.

Further WooCommerce gives 100% control over your online business with much more freedom in comparison with Magento competitors


Volusion is a completely cloud-based eCommerce platform. It deals with the online store and a variety of options are already made in it. This is worthy of learners because of its various features. Volusion provides customer support services for 24/7 availability with representatives presence via multiple mediums. Volusion offers the Steel package 1 GB with 100 available slots for your products at the cost of $19. It is also offering self-assistance options like tutorials, video, webinars, etc.


I hope you must have got an idea about the available competitor of Magento in the marketplace and their offerings.

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