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All you need to Know about lifestyle new born photography

A new addition to the family is one of the greatest joy of parents that deserves to be kept alive forever through the power of pictures. And parents are going the extra mile to make sure their beautiful new born gets the utmost love it deserves. It’s not surprising many photographers are rising up to this need and new born photography begins to blossom. Pictures of babies peeking out of their knitted blanket , naked babies in the nest, or new borns lying on their bellies, with hands propped to pillow their heads. These and many more are pictures of babies flooding the internet as photographers perform their magic to bring out Instagram-worthy pictures.

New born photography has gone from just for the sake of baby modeling, it has become the norm for parents to grace social media with their cutie Janie or Andrain. They are even taking it further for a more real, more natural-looking look by taking those pictures at home. Just as you hire a wedding photographer for your wedding pictures, you need a lifestyle new born photographer for a banging babies pictures that will forever be cherished. What does lifestyle new born photography really entail and what are the tips to a perfect one? These and many more are what this article seeks to explore. Let’s dive in!

What are lifestyle new born photos?

Lifestyle photography aims to capture people in real-life in order to tell compelling stories. Lifestyle new born photography is the capturing of babies, in the most natural state, right at the comfort of the home or in a familiar environment. The aim is to make the picture as real, authentic and beautiful at the same time. Lifestyle new born photography not only showcases the perfect picture of a baby( think of a baby with head on the hands). It also reveals the raw, emotional connection between the baby and the family members. It captures deep meaningful moments and the true essence of a family. Something, the family can look back on and revel in the connection and ties they shared with their loved ones. 

What is a new born lifestyle session like?

Lifestyle photography is mostly in-home sessions as it is carried in client’s homes. This means the baby and the family will be photographed in a natural setting in the home. 

Moverever, photos taken are natural, unstaged and informal. The baby doesn’t need to be asleep, awake or stay in a particular position. Whatever poses the baby make is perfect and fine for the photographers to make do with. There are of course guidance from the photographer, but babies are always positioned in a natural and comfortable way. 

When it comes to lighting, photographers tend to prefer natural lights to artificial ones. The light flowing in through the window is always their primary source of light for flattering pictures. They also make use of less to zero props. What’s already available in the environment is enough for a good new born picture. Whether it’s blankets, the crib, or the couch, babies are photographed in what’s available, surrounded by existing toys and beautiful items. 

How do you take a baby pictures?

We have collated tips from the best in the game when it comes to lifestyle new born photography to knock out your new born session right at the corner of your clients home. These tips will also help mothers to know what to prepare for.

Make hygiene a priority

The first thing is to make sure your hands are cleaned and sanitized before handling the baby. And no baby kisses and long fingernails either. This is because the baby skin is very delicate. Plus, their immune system is most vulnerable at this stage. Hence, hands, their clothings, and shoes should be well-taken care of. 

Consider the lighting

For that glowing angelic look, natural light does the trick. This is why you will have to make do with rooms in the house that have enough natural lights to get the perfect photos. However, for those bad weather days where natural light seems to be far-fetched, you can make use of a bit of flashlight where necessary. But it is better to ask clients to schedule sessions when the lights are coming in as possible.

Use the right time

For babies, certain times in the day can be better than others. You might want to consider those times when they are all warm and cute such as nap time or feeding times to take pictures. They are less likely to cause a fuss and wouldn’t mind a little nudging and touching for a perfect pose. Who knows, you might even be rewarded with a warm, friendly smile! 

Find the right angle

Position the baby at the right angle and where there is natural light before getting started. The last thing you want is to keep jostling a sleeping baby while looking for angles. Or have the tired mom moving around the house because of angles. Get the baby picture-ready first, and take different shots with one pose. Experiment with different angles and take different candid shots. 

Work with an assistant

This will ensure safety, and save time. If you do not have an assistant, let the parents help in sharing and taking those beautiful moments(photos). A good rule of thumb is to ensure one set of eyes is on the lookout for the baby. 

Bottom Line

Lifestyle new born photography can be interesting as well as challenging. As a photographer, ask the parents to be prepared in terms of clothings, rooms and other equipment to make your work easier. Discuss during the photo session in order to get the parents comfortable in front of the camera. Lastly, be creative and spontaneous. Look for those special areas and details to create those special memories. 

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