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Get rid of Stress with the help of these Asanas

Yoga asanas to relieve stress – Yoga asanas will tell to remove stress and nervousness, which will calm your mind and keep the body healthy. In today’s era, there is a lot of running in life, whether it is to earn money or other things. In this part of life, a person is troubled and is surrounded by stress, anxiety, and depression and is not able to enjoy life and some people, depression, and stress increase so much that it is known from their faces that this person is very upset. Therefore, first of all, let us understand depression and stress.

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How to relieve stress and anxiety with yoga?

Yoga is not only physical exercise but it also gives mental strength. And the stronger our mind is, the more we will be able to face the problems in life well.

There are many such asanas in yoga that have Purakap, Kumbhaka, and Rrechak(laxative), due to which our mind and mind become completely calm. By doing yoga, our muscles also relax, which removes both physical and mental tension.

Yoga for stress and depression:

1. Sirsasana or Headstand

Shirshasana is the king of asanas and it is of great importance in terms of yoga. If you want all your chakras to open and you go into the depth of meditation, then definitely do this asana, friends. After doing this asana, stress, anxiety, and depression will all go away. With the headstand, there is an increase in strength in the body. It is especially important for the development of the brain and increasing mental power. In yoga, it has been described as an asana to remove old age and to conquer death. Due to the reversal of blood, the force in the body increases, and there is also an increase in semen.

2. Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand

Sarvangasana is very useful for blood purification, brain, and heart, lungs confirmation. By doing this the blood flow gets reversed, which gives strength to the veins. It is a panacea for tonsils and throat diseases. This asana develops the powers of the brain, from which stress, depression, and anxiety go away. By doing this, eye light increases, gout, and blood disorders are removed. This asana increases blood circulation, increases strength in the body, brings mental concentration. This asana also provides youth.

3. Matsyasana or Fish Pose

All kinds of diseases related to breathing are cured by doing Matsyasana. See, the more our breathing becomes regular and the more control we have over our breathing, the calmer we will be. Diseases like stress, anxiety, and depression will not even come close to us. The pituitary gland is affected by this asana, due to which the body remains balanced. The neck, face, lungs, and heart get strength and nourishment.

4. Shavasana or Corpse Pose

Shavasana is the most difficult of all asanas. I know you must be feeling that it is difficult to lie down straight in this? The difficulty in this is that the body has to be left loose in this posture and the one who does not know this art cannot do this asana properly. Whenever you get tired from working, come tired from outside, the mind is disturbed due to some problem, there is any kind of stress or depression, do five minutes of Shavasana. Saree weariness will go away. Many diseases are cured by Shavasana. It is especially beneficial in diseases related to blood pressure, pulse disorders, and other brains. This helps in pacifying the anger.

5. Shashakasana or Child Pose

Sitting in the position of Vajrasana, while inhaling, stretch both the hands straight up, palms of the hands in front. Then while exhaling, bend from the waist and place the forehead on the ground ahead of the knees. The hands will also come to the ground in the same position. Loosen the hands and stay in this position for some time. By doing this asana, all the nerves and nerves come in a natural position, the body becomes relaxed, the blood flows towards the brain, due to which the mind becomes calm.

6. Suptvajrasana

By the practice of this asana, ankles, knees, thighs, waist, abdomen, cervical are strong and healthy. The kidneys and reproductive organs of men and women are strong. Simultaneously, by doing this asana, the balance of the stomach is fine and appetite also increases.

7. Ushtrasana or Camel Pose

Ustrasana improves digestion power and removes stomach disorders. It also provides strength to the chest and lungs, is Tridoshashak (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha). The flow of blood to the head increases the level of oxygen in the brain, which relieves stress, anxiety, and depression.


If you do these asanas regularly, then believe that you will never have the problem of stress, anxiety, and depression. And yes if you are suffering from this problem then you will get well soon. There are many other benefits like yoga, it gives the right direction to life, makes it systematic and the person who wants to attain spiritual progress, he should practice yoga regularly.

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