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Yoga Asanas to Reduce High and Low Blood Pressure

Yoga asanas became very important in today’s time to reduce high and low blood pressure. you do not even know when the small problems of a run-of-the-life life increase your tension and make you a patient of blood pressure. If you consult a doctor for its treatment, then the doctor will give you a lot of medicines. Which sometimes it is not possible to take any person. You feel relieved by these medicines for a short time, but these medicines are not a permanent solution to your illness. With these medicines, you do not get rest forever, but the use of medicines for a long time also shows its side effects. Therefore, for the treatment of blood pressure, you should follow the path of yoga asana. So let us know which are the Yogasanas that can control the increased blood pressure.

Usually, everyone gets angry. Some people get so much anger that their blood pressure increases a lot. Hypertension is becoming a major problem in today’s time. But you do not need to worry. You can overcome hypertension through yoga actions. Yoga actions that control high blood pressure.

  • Paschimottanasana:

During high blood pressure, your arteries start to shrink, which increases the chances of a heart attack and stroke. Paschimottanasan makes your arteries flexible and reduces blood pressure.

  • Breathing:

By doing this asana for 20 minutes daily, the mind becomes calm, all worries disappear. This makes your blood pressure normal. This asana provides vitality and freshness to the body, mind, and soul.

  • Pranayama:

Pranayama normalizes breathing speed and blood circulation. The heart is closely related to breath and blood circulation. In high blood pressure, Nadi Shodhana Pranayama and Ujjayi Pranayam should be done (this lowers blood pressure). Anulom-Vilom Pranayama reduces your anxiety and keeps the heartbeat normal.

  • Adho-Mukha Svanasana:

Adho-mukha svanasana is also known as downward-facing dog exercise. It is a very good asana to reduce the tension and fatigue that occurs in the entire backside from your shoulders and back to the waist. And the more stress and fatigue you get, the lower the risk of blood pressure.

  • Setu-Bandhasana:

Setubandhasana or bridge pose keeps the blood flow in your body correct which helps you to relieve tension and keep your mind calm. This makes you feel refreshed and more active.

  • Sukhasana:

Among the asanas used to reduce blood pressure, Sukhasana is an asana in which your heart does not get under too much stress. And keeps you in a very relaxed posture mentally and physically.

Yoga normalizes blood circulation by reducing stress. Circulation by reducing stress. Apart from exercise, a patient of hypertension needs to take care of many things. Do not do anything that can make the heart beat faster. Also, take care of sleep, sleep on the bed, comfortable and clean.

High blood pressure means that you have to face many problems due to high blood pressure, there is a risk of heart attack, vein rupture, and kidney failure, so the pressure patient should exercise regularly.

Some Tips to reduce high blood pressure:

  • When BP is very high, you can practice these two activities at that time also.
  • Put some lukewarm water in a bucket. Soak feet in it for five minutes to ten minutes. This will make BP normal.
  • Lie on the right side as BP increases.

Yoga Asanas to reduce Low blood pressure:

  • Sarvangasana for Low Blood Pressure:

It improves blood flow to the brain and thus, reduces dizziness and fatigue.

  • Matsyasana:

These asanas are beneficial for people suffering from problems related to waist and throat. This asana boosts blood pressure. Matsyasana is known to eradicate every disease.

  • Ustrasana:

Apart from taking the flow of easy blood to the brain, it is also useful to control anger. Ustrasana is quite beneficial for reducing anger.

  • Balasana:

This Balasana improves blood circulation as well as makes the body feel fresh. This asana keeps your blood pressure level stable.

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