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What you need to know about Dental Cleaning

Dental cleaning is a regular dental procedure that can be done by a professional dentist only. It is more than brushing, flossing, and mouth washing. It involves gum treatment with periodontal infection. 

This procedure is often recommended for individuals who efficiently need to clean their teeth and those for skipped numbers of dental appointments. Also, as a treatment for people suffering from gum and periodontal disease. 

Talking about deep cleaning, many people have different questions going through their brains. I will provide answers to all your questions. 

Is Dental Cleaning Painful

A dental cleaning is naturally a painless procedure because no cutting or injecting is involved. However, some patients can feel pain if there is calculus/tartar build-up in their teeth. 

Calculus is a plaque, that awful remains of ancient food on your teeth for some time. If there is more calculus then your dentist has to scrape harder to remove it. In this case, bleeding and swollen gum might occur for some days. 

Others might have a cavity that needs filling, the drilling process might cause tooth pain or teeth sensitivity for a few days. 

All this happens when teeth cleansing is not done after six months or irregular flossing. 

Is dental cleaning worth it?

Most people ask themselves this question whenever they think about dental cleaning. Yes, dental cleaning is worth the time and payment. Here are some reasons

Preclude Gum Disease

Is an infection of gum tissues and bone that hold teeth in place. It is caused by infection bacteria.  if not properly treated it ended in adult tooth loss. Twice brushing a day, daily flossing, and regular dental cleaning precludes gum disease and loss of teeth. A dental cleaning enables healthy gums since it removes calculus that often causes gingivitis. 

Prevent Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a severe sickness around the globe. Based on statistics every hour a person dies from oral cancer in the United State alone. Even with a possible treatment alternative. Every dental cleaning dentist screens for oral cancer, which is highly curable if diagnosed earlier.

Maintain Good Breath 

Statistics have shown that 85% of people with bad breath have a dental problem. It is caused by a lack of control over the bacteria responsible for bad breath. But every six months of dental cleaning, daily brushing, teeth flossing, and regular check-ups will help to maintain a fresh breath environment. 

Prevent tooth loss

It is a gum disease that begins when plaques build up on teeth. As the plaques keep increasing and moving toward the teeth, the gum disease keeps progressing. When it moves down into the teeth where the supporting bone tissue can be destroyed, the teeth become loose and start to fall out. 

Not to forget that teeth deep cleaning helps you detect teeth problems on time before they become aggravated. Plus, you are rewarded with a beautiful smile. 

How long does a deep cleaning take dental?

This is a tricky question to ask because the teeth cleaning procedure depends on individual oral hygiene. Comprehensive teeth cleaning by a professional dentist usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour.

While teeth with gum disease, plaque, calculus, and others take  60minutes to 90 minutes. Sometimes it takes two appointments to thoroughly clean both sides of the mouth. Dentist speed also matters. 

Disadvantages of Deep Cleaning Teeth

Increase Teeth Sensitivity

This is one of the common side effects of teeth deep cleaning yet temporary. Once the calculus layer is removed from teeth after a long time, the teeth are exposed which results in sensation when they come in contact with air, liquid, and foods for the next few days.  Teeth sensitivity often lasts between a few days and a couple of weeks depending on individual gum health before the cleaning.

However, people who maintain daily oral hygiene and regular check-up might experience no or minor sensitivity compared to those who haven’t seen a dentist in years

Gums Bleeding

Usually, after teeth deep cleaning you may see a hint of redness in your saliva. But bleeding occurs in individuals who have not received dental care for a long time and with severe periodontitis after deep cleaning. Though it is temporary.  Removing calculus from gums may cause some short-term and minor bleeding. 

Nerve Damage

It is considered the most dangerous demerit of teeth deep cleaning and common in patients with lupus, vasculitis, Sjogren’s syndrome, etc. It is a rare case that can also be caused by trauma during the cleaning process. 

When nerves are damaged, the signals from and to the brain stop. Most doctors always request general health issues before treatment to avoid damage. 

  • Gaps between Teeth

There is always a tiny space between teeth. Those gaps disappear due to accumulated foods that formed plaque and calculus on teeth. It happens when flossing and daily brushing are not regular. Teeth deep cleaning help remove those foods and bacteria, also revealing the gap we are unaware of or forgotten about. 

Sometimes the spaces are filled with gums. 

Gum Soreness

This is the most popular demerit of deep cleaning teeth. The method of extracting bacteria, plaque, and calculus that are built up below the gums leads to soreness. The sore will only last for 10days. This can be resolved by taking pain relief medicine or rinsing with salt water. 

Final Thought

These demerits of teeth deep cleaning are temporary and minor. They can be cured by using a doctor’s recommended desensitizing toothbrush, antimicrobial mouthwash, and saltwater twice or three times a day. Hence, don’t let these deter you from getting your teeth deep cleaning done. 

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