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Choosing Teeth Whitening Strips: Everything You Must Know

Teeth whitening is gaining popularity for its awesome results. We all love white and bright teeth and teeth whitening offers us the desired results. A perfect smile not only helps in boosting your self-confidence but also makes long-lasting impressions on others. While there are several ways to achieve illuminating teeth, crest teeth whitening strips are the easiest to use and result-oriented approach. You can find these teeth whitening strips on teeth whitening shops- both physical and online stores. However, before you choose crest 3D white teeth strips, you must have thorough knowledge about them.

This blog post covers all aspects of teeth whitening strips to help you make an informed purchase.

Understanding the basics of teeth whitening

Teeth whitening products are easily available in the market. These products fall into three categories- teeth whitening toothpaste, teeth whitening bleaching trays and teeth whitening strips. People choose teeth whitening toothpaste and bleaching trays as they are easily available, cheap and easy to use. However, because these products have a limited amount of whitening agents such as hydrogen or carbamide peroxide the whitening effect is limited. Toothpaste and bleaching trays are effective in removing surface stains but teeth whitening strips can remove more intense stains and discolouration. The results from teeth whitening strips are long-lasting and more noticeable than any other product.

How does teeth whitening strips work?

Crest teeth whitening strips are flexible strips and appear like a coating. These coatings contain either hydrogen or carbamide peroxide and a strong but safe adhesive that ensures that once applied, the strips stay at their place. The bleaching agent, hydrogen or carbamide peroxide, when contacts the teeth’s enamel, bleaches the surface, delivering whiter teeth. While hydrogen peroxide removes the surface stains, carbamide peroxide has better results as it breaks the stains and then remove them permanently.

When can you see the results of Crest 3D white teeth strips?

A pack of Crest whitening strips contain 28 strips. You have to apply one strip per row which means that a pack lasts for 14 nights. One has to apply the strips for 15-20 minutes before bedtime and with every strip, you can notice the change in the colour of your teeth. These strips work perfectly with natural teeth, but, if you have got any teeth restoration job done, these strips won’t change the colour of the restoration material.

Are teeth whitening strips safe to use?

Crest teeth whitening strips are tested and approved for safe use. These strips contain a permitted amount of bleaching products and when used as per the instructions, the strips deliver great results. Moreover, they offer hassle-free to use as you don’t have to deal with any gel, paste or lotion and get all messy with it. All you need to do is apply a Crest 3D white strip on your teeth and sit back and relax. The strips work and deliver the best results.

If you have stained and discoloured teeth, you must use teeth whitening strips. These strips are effective, affordable and offer great results. Keep smiling!

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