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5 Tips on How to Spot Trending Clothes

You’ve heard of the latest styles in fashion magazines, but how do you know which ones are truly trendy clothes? Trends are always in fashion, but they will quickly go out of style as time goes on. Creating timeless pieces is the key to catching the latest style.

To spot trending items in a clothing brand, look for shapes that reflect the current season. For instance, a 50s theme might mean the twin-set or full skirt. Key shapes for the season can influence the trends and be incorporated across all visual themes.

Below are some tips to help you spot hot clothing. And remember, trends change every year, so keep your eye on them!

High-Low Dressing

The art of High-Low dressing is one of the best ways to inject new life into your wardrobe without breaking the bank. High-low dressing is a great way to wear key pieces without looking like you ripped them out of the closet.

Work wardrobes tend to look very stale, as we all wear the same stale combinations over again. Try mixing in a few casual outerwear items into your office wardrobe. You can inject some excitement into your work look and still transition easily to after-hours.

The fashion formula for high-low dressing is one part high to two parts low. For instance, a floral midi dress can look incredibly feminine when worn with a leather jacket and flat boots. But a tailored blazer from a clothing brand can look overly corporate if worn with slouchy trousers.

Conversely, jeans can look more polished with jazzy trainers or dressy earrings. These two pieces will instantly upgrade any look.

When choosing a high-low dress, you should keep in mind the occasion. A high-low dress is generally more appropriate for business events and more formal occasions than for evening parties. It can look cute over a pair of cashmere sweaters or slim joggers. If you’re not a fan of heels, you can also wear metallic sneakers and add some sparkle to them with rhinestones or beads.

A solid-color dress from a clothing brand can be dressed up or down with a scarf. A high-low dress can look great with a pair of leather boots or low-heeled shoes and a bag for an evening out. Another option is to pair a high-low dress with a statement piece like a strappy heeled bootie and a statement belt to spruce up your look.

Patterns That Complement Rather Clash

When mixing and matching prints, you should look for designs from a clothing brand that complement rather than clash with each other. Patterns with similar colors and scales are most complementary, and if you are unsure which prints to use, experiment with different scales to determine which looks best.

Important tip: Stay within the same color family, but if the prints are very different, you may want to try mixing them in an at-odds color scheme.

Patterns can look good combined if they are similar in color. Try to stick to colors in the same family and add pops of color through accessories and small details.

Size matters – a small pattern with a large one will not complement one other. Make sure both patterns are proportional to each other; otherwise, you might look like a deck chair! Adding a pop of color to your outfit is the most sure-fire way to add an instant boost to any of your looks.

The trickiest part of print combinations is finding a piece with two prints. While this may seem like cheating, it is more common than you think. You can find two-print items at a clothing brand and take the stress out of print clashing.

In fact, you may even feel confident wearing two prints together! The possibilities are endless! There are many ways to create a pattern clash. There is a trend for mixing patterns, so experiment and find what works best.

Apps to Keep Up With Fashion Trends

If you are looking to update your fashion sense and stay current with the latest trends, many great apps are available on the market. The app you download will not only give you the latest fashion news, but it will also provide you with expert opinions and thousands of online stores to browse through. It can even notify you when a new fashion line is available.

If you are not a frequent buyer, it will help you make a more informed decision.

Whether you want to shop for new stuff from a clothing brand, find an affordable designer, or shop for pre-owned items, you will find a way to get it on these apps. Apps like Net-A-Porter let you browse through hundreds of items and make wish lists. You can even get push notifications when new items go on sale! This app is available for free on Android and iOS.

As you browse through the thousands of products available on these sites, you’ll quickly find something you want.

Another great app to stay in touch with the latest fashion trends is Pinterest. This platform has everything a fashion editor could want, including catwalk pictures, show reviews, and news. It’s the first place to look for trends in the fashion industry. You can find tons of inspiration by following style icons, fashion bloggers, and celebrities.

It’s an invaluable resource that allows you to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends and is a great way to find what you’re looking for at the lowest price possible.

The ShopStyle app is another of the best apps for keeping up with the latest fashion trends. This app connects fashion influencers and bloggers with new products. You can buy the clothes you see on the app directly. You can also follow fashion bloggers and influencers through the app.

Lastly, the app offers over 50 unique shops as part of a clothing brand collective for you to browse. If you love shopping, it’s a great way to stay in the know.

Fashion Forecasters

Trend forecasters are essential to the fashion industry as they influence sales and buying trends. Without them, it would be impossible for a clothing brand to stay in business. That’s why the job of a fashion forecaster is so essential. They have to research the trends and find out what consumers want so that they can deliver the right amount at the right price. This requires thorough research and constant sensitivity to changing desires and can be very useful in developing a distinct perspective for adding flair to your debonair.

Fashion trends change quickly. Fortunately, fashion forecasters provide a haven for thrifty shoppers to stay on top of what’s hot and what’s not. To research fashion forecasters, you can visit fashion blogs and social networking sites to view their latest articles and stay on top of the latest trends.

Looking At Catwalks

If you want to know what’s popular this season, it’s worth looking at the latest catwalk shows. Designers have a unique way of pushing the boundaries of fashion. Their shows often feature unusual, bizarre clothes on the street. The infamous buttock-baring “bumster trousers” by Alexander McQueen first appeared on the catwalk in 1996. These pants sparked the hipster jeans trend. Meanwhile, polka dots are everywhere, thanks to Marc Jacobs’ autumn/winter 2013 collection. Color blocking and bold stripes also made an appearance in Gucci’s show.

The team at Intermix spend weeks on the catwalks, watching trends and identifying must-have pieces. Their long hallway is filled with photos of clothes they’re planning to sell in a clothing brand. The turtleneck, which has been in the fashion backwater for years, is making a comeback this fall.

Ultimately, the best place to spot trending clothes is fashion shows held in many different cities, from Paris to New York. In London, for example, fashion shows are very individual. London shows tend to blend high-end tailoring with grunge-inspired styles. Meanwhile, Milan shows feature bright, colorful designs. You can predict what’s hot this season by paying attention to details.

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