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Harley Quinn jacket is a BAFTA uniform! Check out 7 stylish games!

Since 2004 BAFTA game awards have been held, and each year they hand out the Best Game award to the deserved title. One of the most prestigious awards for all developers and gamers also because they love to see their favorite game receive an award like this. 

The BAFTA Award ceremony is one of the most praised events by our gamer’s community. Every gamer tries to be a part of this event as they get a chance to support their favorite title, to see their adored videogame to receive a prestigious award in the gaming industry. Especially for the Developers, it’s when they get the deserved title for all their efforts and hard work. What makes this event even more exciting is that all the gamers wear the costumes from their favorite games. There is no doubt the Harley Quinn jacket remains on top of the gaming wear list for quite some time.

Though many games have had amazing fashion sense, many have not yet gotten over the wonders that the suicide squad did. The costume from the other games and movies is astounding, no doubt, but the Harley Quinn jacket alone is one of the most praised attire/costumes in the game-inspired outfits in both the cosplayers and gamers. Though the character herself has yet to get a game for herself, she has featured in the Arkham Knight. In recent years Harley has been getting many more active and engaging roles. There are many games that you can tune into. The following are our top picks in regards to their fashion and their engaging storyline!

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a franchise, which you can see on a list of best-selling games of 50 years a couple of times. To this date, many titles are still one of the games that most gamers pick from their library. The fashion in this game is everyday attire. It is not too glamorous and allows agility! The first-person shooter game with an amazing storyline has always been on the top in action, shooting genre games.

Firstly their main tactics were to recreate the past battles, but some of their original worlds, like in the Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare, is the greatest one. The fascinating story and the futuristic advancement of technology were loved by the fans of this best-selling video game franchise. The sequel of 24 games has won many awards, and it was the first game ever to receive the BAFTA Award for Best Game in 2002/03.


The Half-Life game is still kept alive by our gaming community as it was one of the earliest franchises that included zombie-like creatures on a platform like this and was an instant hit after its release. This Valve Corporation game has been entitled a lot, but the most memorable and the most prestigious one was the “Game of the Year” at the BAFTA ceremony in 2004. Even for 2004, the dressing of each character was commendable!

This title also had many installments to its name but its Half-Life: Second Episode is one of the most remembered and the most respected in the sequel. The reason for its fame was its simplified multiplayer online version. And it was also awarded the “Game of Decade” at Spike 2012 Video Game Award ceremony.


Among many movie superheroes, only a few have their very own gaming franchise that gets to be a part of the gaming community. Batman is the leading superhero in the gaming community. The fan following the self-made superhero of DC among the comic lovers, but the gamers are their first and probably the only character. One great thing about the game version is that the developers have more things to alter and add to movie directors. That’s why the game version has more fan following than the average movie viewers. Batman is one of the best and most beloved franchises in town and also among the cosplay community as its costumes are worth considering for the cosplay.

The Batman game franchise has many titles to offer (eight in total), and every single one of them is praised and loved by players all over the world. Many are the best selling, and others are still a part of our gaming community; the first-ever installment in 2009 received the most prestigious award in the gaming industry. This Batman game was the 6th game to receive this decoration since its distribution of the most admired award ceremony of the gaming community.

Far Cry

This is not an unheard name to a true gamer. This franchise has been in the A-list games from its first installment but didn’t get a chance to be as famous as other titles but has been entitled to some prestigious awards. With its third installment, Far Cry 3 got the deserved attention, became a part of the gamers community, and the most prestigious award in the gaming industry, BAFTA Best Game of the Year, in 2012. The game also shows how the main character’s fashion changes along with his progression in the plot!

The open-world third-person game with a fascinating storyline made a huge impact on the gamers; although it wasn’t the first-ever open-world game, it was still one best-selling game of the year. The main thing about Far Cry 3 at that time is the visual graphics. It was the best compared to any other game. This is why all the hardcore gamers really enjoyed the third installment and never have ever left the franchise; to date, Far Cry has maintained that high-end gaming experience for its fans.

Last of Us

As mentioned above, all the franchises had only one thing that got them the most prestigious title. But, the Naughty Dog (developers) had something more than that in mind to offer gamers. Unlike any other game developer. They make a story out of the game, they mastered their story first and then work on the game; they also keep the visual standards in mind. When the final piece came out, it shattered every chart and instantly became the people’s choice.

The post-zombie pandemic worldwide, and the survivors are doing everything in their expertise to keep themselves protected and stack. The heart-melting story of Joel and Sarah. Is praised by everyone who played the whole story mode. The little details, graphics, emotional storyline, and amazing characters are the main attributes of this title making it a heck of a title to invest your time in.

Many things about the game that many liked. The landscapes, the relationships, Joel Miller’s jacket, Sarah and Joel’s daughter-father-like relationships. The amazing franchise has its significant values and is at least on the top-5-list of every gamer. In 2013 this delightful title won the 10th most prestigious award in the gaming industry.

God of War

There are so many things to like about this fascinating title. Sony Interactive Entertainment has been around for a long time and has released several games that are still hard to let go by gamers. Among them is God of War, one of the most respected titles in the gaming community. The betrayal, the anger, Demigods, goddess, this game has the things that a great game needs to have.

The renewed game from the franchise received the most prestigious award, The Game of the Year, in 2018 at BAFTA Awards. Before that, this name wasn’t off the radar from the true gamers, and from its first installment. This title has been one of the most praised ones for a long time.

Outer Wilds

So now it’s 2020 turn. The smooth sail would have been possible. If the covid threat wouldn’t be that harsh as it was back in those days. The show may not be the traditional one. But, due to the hilarious jokes by the host, Graham Norton. The show was nothing but a blast, for the viewers. The reason why his presence created such an atmosphere for every viewer, is his passion for gaming. Because he himself is a pretty hardcore gamer. He actually knew what he was doing there, rather, just going with the script.

Last year’s winner was the Outer Wilds, probably the most desirable title in the entire nomination. With the advancement in the gaming industry, the time-looped along with adventurous games have changed a lot. BAFTA is considered the backbone of the gaming industry. And this genre is going to be around a long, long time among gamers.

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