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How to use YouTube to Build your Business

Every business owner has turned to YouTube to market and promote their product and services in light of the COVID-19 crisis. The coronavirus pandemic has led to a global crisis. All the industries and businesses such as clothing, footwear, travel, beauty, and may more are all impacted severely. Opportunities that business owners and organizations get through the usual way of promoting and marketing business no longer work. Therefore, using YouTube as an avenue to promote and create awareness for your business is a great option.

50% of the adult and teenagers in the world go to YouTube when they want to learn how to do something that has never been done before. Moreover, people watch one billion hours of videos every day and the number keeps increasing especially with the lockdown measures. While many go there “just to relax” and feel entertained. Some are there simply for “how to” and to do better and be more effective. The list goes on and on. YouTube is now a global source when it comes to learning.  Business owners are now leveraging the thirst for knowledge of their target audience. People’s desire to learn is now making businesses create and deliver valuable content that helps their customers will love while promoting their business and building great relationships with their target audience.

This recommendation is great for your business and will help you sail through any crisis your business might be facing. Here, Douglas James an expert in business marketing who has helped many business owners build profitable businesses explains how businesses can use YouTube to build their business amid the COVID-19 business crisis. Do you want to know more about how to build your business in this COVID-19 business crisis? Go through Douglas James reviews to see how he has helped other business owners. Are you thinking Douglas James is a scam? Douglas James marketing reviews are enough to convince you of his authenticity.


Be ready to explore the market

Promoting your business on YouTube is a great and smart move. YouTube has a larger audience from different parts of the world and this gives you the opportunity to register your presence and show your resources. Hence, you open your business to a prospective audience that can be your potential customer.

Do your research

Why do you want to start a YouTube channel? To promote your business or create brand awareness? Sell your products or drive traffic to your website? Before jumping into the YouTube trend, you need to do adequate research on how to go about it. Know what you want and learn how to navigate it. Check out the age group that often search about your niche on YouTube. Find out what will captivate your target audience. Growing large numbers of views and subscribers is not a day work. You need consistency and good content. Plan everything out. Write down the kind of content you want to produce and also state the purpose of your channel.

Make your content exciting and engaging.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, every business was creating its usual marketing content in different formats such as videos, ebooks, blogs, and many more. However, it is time to do something new and different when creating a YouTube video. It is important to think about the value of the content you are putting out. What do you want your audience to learn?  Will it be valuable to them? If your content is not engaging and they are not learning anything from it, they might disengage and may not come back to your channel again.

Make use of call to action

It is an important part of your YouTube channel. It gives you the opportunity to lead your target customer to your landing page. The section below your videos is a valuable asset. You can add the link to your website, details about your business, description of how to get in touch, and many more. At the end of your videos, always add your call to action. Either by reminding your viewers to visit your website, subscribe or share your videos. This will also boost your visibility which can create more revenue for your business.

Learn from other standard business YouTube channel

Every standard business and company has a YouTube channel. Check out their YouTube channel and learn from them. There are many business-oriented YouTube channel, follow them and you will gain a lot of insight on how to promote, strategize, and market your business.

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