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Affordable Medicine Cabinets

To have or not to have a kitchen cabinet is one of the most controversial topics among homeowners and designers alike. The kitchen cabinet might not have been the thing in the 19th century, but it has recently risen in popularity. it is one of the most convenient storage of daily activities of a toothbrush, face wash, toiletries, and other staples or beauty products that you keep in the bathroom. Not only that, it is a great way to keep medicines in a safe place and out of reach for the kids.  

Therefore, medical cabinets are now becoming the centerpiece of the most bathroom as many homeowners bathroom renovation is incorporating this cabinet as well. They make a luxurious, yet functional addition to many bathrooms. Amazingly, different medicine cabinets online now boast premium features including defogging systems, hidden wiring, mirror, adequate lighting, and many more. While there are those that are made of wood, some are seamlessly mounted into the walls like a mirror. 

However, with a wide array of medicine cabinets in Toronto in the market and online, you might be feeling overwhelmed by which one is right for you. Here, we walk you through the different medicine cabinets that are set to transform your bathroom without breaking the bank. 

Robern’s high tech medicine cabinet

This cabinet combines timeless design, customized storage options, and integrated lighting that adds styles, beauty, and functionality to any bathroom space.  Today’s cabinets are offering much more than a place to store beauty products and health maintenance items. It includes innovative lighting, a mirrored door, storage compartment. You can also personalize your space by jazzing it up with interior lighting, night light, modular designs, and any other accessories of choice. Not to forget that some of Robern’s products come with cold storage for ensuring products sensitive items such as medication are safe. 

Kohler recessed the medicine cabinet

This cabinet sits pretty on the wall to create a more streamlined, classy look. The best way to add storage to your bathroom without showing an extra unit or taking up space. This product boast of sleek design integrated task lighting for consistent light that eliminates shadows, and can also be paired with Alexa to take your bathroom to another level of convenience. Whether you have a small, medium, or large bathroom space, there’s always something that suits your needs. 

Bastian signature hardware medicine cabinet

If you are the all-thing natural bathroom, this is a medicine cabinet you should consider. Bastian Medicine Cabinet is made of teak hardwood constructed to a smooth finish and containing smart spaces for your storage needs. The unit features two shelves of storage with a mirror on each side. It also includes soft-close hinges and magnetic catches to prevent the cabinet door from slamming. This product is great for any minimalist bathroom. 

Fox hollow recessed framed medicine cabinet

If you do not want the regular medicine cabinet but still desire the extra storage, why not go for a picture frame of the recessed medicine cabinet. This type offers a smart way of disguising the medicine cabinet with a beautiful picture frame that pairs well with your bathroom decor. It disappears into the wall, hiding the cabinet completely and instead of a mirror, you are left with a picture hanging frame. You can even change the picture to your own taste and styles to offer a custom, unique look to your bathroom.  It features two inner shelves and comes in a different range of finishes. 

Winston Porter Searle medicine cabinet

This medicine cabinet goes further from a place to store your daily health and hygiene routines of the toothbrush, flosses, soaps, Medicine, and all.  You can also coif, and store up even your huge products. It is a large medicine cabinet that is perfect for a big bathroom. It comes in a large wood frame with different finishes. Therefore, you have different options that can suit your bathroom decor and style. 

These are our top picks of unique yet beautiful medicine cabinets that will take your bathroom to the next level of functionality and beauty. While shopping for medicine cabinets online, it is important to choose the one that matches your kitchen aesthetics and as well meets your needs. 

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