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Things You Need to Know about European Craft Kitchen Cabinets

What style and design of kitchen cabinetry are you considering when remodeling your kitchen? If you want to have a contemporary look for your kitchen European craft kitchen cabinets will work best for you. The thing is that it works best for all types of kitchens. Most people do not have a clear idea about these cabinets. If this is the case, let’s go into more detail.

European-style kitchen cabinets are a modern set of cabinetry. It is meant to give a sophisticated and elegant look to your kitchen. They are minimalistic cabinets with practically lined interiors. They are high-quality plywood cabinets with laminated and thermophile finishes. Modern European craft cabinets are compact in construction and modern in outlook.

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To dive further into the subject, here is the list of things you should know about European craft kitchen cabinets:

  1. Elegant appearance
  2. Smooth and sleek surface
  3. Maximum storage
  4. Material
  5. Various styles
  6. Frameless construction
  7. Concealed hinges
  8. High-end finishing
  9. No extra moldings
  10. Customized cabinets’ option

1. Elegant appearance:

A European craft cabinet is usually known for its elegant appearance. In terms of design and craftsmanship, it is exceptionally sophisticated and timeless. Therefore, the cabinets are well defined, very high-end, and glossy in appearance. Also, they follow a modern minimalistic aesthetic approach.

2. Smooth and sleek surface:

Firstly, these crafted cabinets are known for their sleek and smooth surface. Secondly, it gives a laminated oily look to the cabinets. Therefore, the texture shines amazingly due to its well-defined crafting. This characteristic of being sleek and compact in shape and size gives it a wider look. The texture of the cabinets’ surface makes the kitchen look spacious.

3. Maximum storage:

This feature in European craft kitchen cabinets makes it more versatile than others. It is this quality in the craft that makes it highly practical. Also, there are no interior designs within the cabinets which hinder their storage. As a result, the wide and undivided cabinets make it highly efficient and increase its storage. There are no sharp edges due to which these cabinets fully serve their purpose.

4. Material:

A density material fiberboard is used for this style of cabinets. However, there are other choices of material too which works best. In addition, high-quality plywood with thermo foil and laminated finishing is the main part of its construction. European-style craft makes use of quality wood for its construction for a long-term experience. However, in case of any minor flaws, seek professional consultation.

5. Various styles:

The diversity in crafting and styles makes it unique and aesthetic. European-style cabinetry comes in various styles that make remodeling your kitchen interesting. European-style kitchen cabinets constitute the design with angular lines, linear shapes, and straight edges. Unlike other traditional-style cabinetry, European style follows geometric shapes, sleek lines, and bold colors. It goes from deep black to bold red and some highlighted blues and greys.

6. Frameless construction:

In contrast to typical framed cabinets, European craft cabinetry are frameless in construction. It is a stunning set of aligned cabinets with unique features. All cabinets exist with their doors. This frameless feature expands your kitchen’s storage capacity even more. This arrangement of boxes provides elegance and style to it. It also adds to the functionality of your regular usage.

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7. Concealed hinges:

There are no raised panels or framed boards in this style of cabinetry. Each independent cabinet has its door with concealed hinges. This particular feature gives it an elegant and sleek appearance. This is a result of its well-defined frameless construction. Crafting is what makes it that beautiful and practical at the same time.

8. High-end finishing:

European-style cabinets are smooth and sleek in texture due to their high-end finishing. Moreover, they are mainly available in three types of finishing, such as laminated, thermo foil, and lacquer paint. All three of them are responsible for the diversity of this style. They give it a glossy look with low care and maintenance. They are hardwearing due to their laminated finishes.

9. No extra moldings:

Unlike traditional cabinets, European-style cabinets have no extra moldings and trims. This is what makes it sleek and frameless. Each cabinet has its door with minimal edges and fewer accessories. These cabinets truly follow European minimalism. They are the perfect style for modern kitchen cabinets.

10. Customized cabinets’ option:

in addition, with European-style kitchens modular, consumers can choose from a variety of customized options. They allow you to freely consult with them in order to create your personalized cabinetry. Therefore, you can add your taste and preferences while making the purchase. It is a highly modern and functional set of cabinetry in which your requirements are of utmost importance.


For a smaller-sized flat or apartment, European craft kitchen cabinets work in the best way. It is sleek and smooth; therefore, it looks compact and functional. This set of cabinetry is efficient for rough regular use. Similarly, busy homes with limited space can make spacious by choosing European-style cabinets for their kitchens. In conclusion, it is unique and elegant at the same time complementing your household.

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