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Small Business Ideas to Start in 2022

Do you want to be your own boss and build a successful business empire? Great! Entrepreneurship is up and the good thing is you get to plan and decide at what time you work. You control what goes where and enjoy the freedom and autonomy of working on things that matter to you. Ervin Ahbabovic is a successful entrepreneur in hospitality, humanitarian services, and many other fields. 

However, being your own boss doesn’t just happen in a day. It all begins with having great business ideas that have the potential to skyrocket to greater heights. But coming up with a good business idea can be challenging especially when it looks like successful business owners have already rammassed the good ones. It is important to understand, however, that it’s not always about coming up with good ideas but seeking to provide solutions to problems encountered. “You can never go wrong with providing products or services that provide values or solutions to problems. Consumers will always seek out for that and this is the key to a successful business”, says Ervin Ahbabovic

“For instance, the Covid 19 pandemic alone gives birth to many successful businesses that become a mainstay when the economy seems to slow down, ” Ervin adds. From delivery and errand services to virtual classes and training, the pandemic has opened up doors for new business opportunities. Hence, if you are looking for business ideas to start, consider the problem you encounter in daily life or the country’s current situation and look for a way to help out. Having said that, Ervin Ahbabovic suggests some great business ideas to help you get started on a successful entrepreneurial life. 

Online Teachings/Training

You can put your knowledge and skills to good use by starting an online training course. Parents are looking for tutors for the kids and being one will give you the autonomy to be in charge of your teaching schedule, work location, and even hour rate. The good news is it doesn’t require any capital to get started and you can decide on which niche to focus on. 

Delivery Services

Demand for delivery service is certainly high. And while there are big delivery services such as FedEx, people still need local services that will be able to deliver in a short time frame. As a delivery service, you can do specific types of delivery such as medical services or groceries or you may deliver all kinds of packages. If you have a vehicle and a good phone, you are good to go. 

Content Writing

Are you passionate about writing? This is the right one for you. As a freelancer, you can write for companies, professionals, and businesses who will be willing to trade money for words and build their brands. You can choose a specific niche such as finance or technology or write across different niches. Whatever the case, ensure you have the right skills to help you carve a successful content writing business

Cleaning Services

Busy families, seniors, and organizations can find him cleaning stressful and time-consuming. That is why cleaning services will always be in demand with plenty of clientele. Hence, you will always be in business by making homes and offices spotless. For this, you can get started on your own before considering staff members to keep enough money in your pocket. Decide on which cleaning equipment to purchase and get started. With time, you can take the cleaning to the next level by adding floor waxing, exterior deep cleaning, and many more for an additional fee. 

Home Care Services

Do you find yourself driven by humanitarian interest? How about catering for the seniors? This will be a great way to provide extra care to them while building a business you can be proud of. This can be helping out with daily activities such as errands. But if you have a healthcare or nursing background, you can also provide nursing services to patients right in the comfort of their homes. Knowing you are making an impact in people’s lives can be fulfilling and rewarding. 

Drop Shipping

You can also be in the selling business without holding an inventory through drop shipping. Once you made a sale, your supplier will ship the products right to the consumers in the comfort of their homes. This is a brilliant business idea that allows you to sell products, and set product prices while building your own brand. 

Real Estate

Although highly competitive, you can still get a share of what the real estate business has to offer if you have high social skills. Buying a home can be overwhelming and many don’t know how to navigate the complex market. That is why there will always be a demand for real estate agents to make home buying and renting hassle-free one. 

For this, developing the right skills and certifications will be helpful in getting great deals. 

Food Truck Service

This is a good one if you love cooking but don’t have enough capital to purchase or rent a restaurant location. The food truck is like a large vehicle serving as a kitchen to make and serve food. This is like a restaurant on the go where you get to proudly bring out your culinary skills while meeting the needs of hungry customers. This is a business that became popular during the pandemic when restaurant dining was stopped. Although the pandemic seems to be over, this is still a business that is here to stay. 

Ready to take the plunge into entrepreneurship? These business ideas given by Ervin Ahbabovic will help you get started.

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