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How To Employ The Right Apprentice For My Company?

When looking to employ an apprentice, as an employer you need to take into consideration whether the candidate is right for your company and has the same values that you hold for example passionate, motivation, and a good fit culturally.

Job Description

When writing your apprenticeship job description it’s best to include as much detail as possible about the role available so the potential candidate can decide whether the role is something that appeals to them.

Making sure that you include the fun and fewer fun tasks can increase the quality of applicants and creates a transparent offering. Also, include how the course grades and work they would need to produce and how often they will need to visit college.

However not all apprenticeships require the individual to attend college; MT Training offers on-site and online construction apprenticeships and visits the site to assess your skills.


We suggest creating a friendly atmosphere in your interview to help candidates relax and allow their true personalities to shine through. Have questions prepared to help the interview flow and ask them if they have any questions after you have finished yours?

Communicate with candidates to let them know what the format of the interview will be e.g. competency-based questions about their experience or a presentation and what subject they will be presenting.

Alternative Ways To Advertising

Recruitment Fairs

Recruitment fairs are a great way to speak to potential candidates and be known as a credible apprenticeship supplier in the local area. It’s a way more personable approach in comparison to reading a CV.

Advertising In-House

Advertising in-house can uncover some great potential candidates you may have never thought would be interested. As well as informing the current employers so they can spread through word of mouth to friends and family.

We hope you have gained some useful tips on how to employ the right apprentice, if you’re an employer looking to employ an apprentice and or an individual looking for an apprenticeship Multi Trades Training offer on-site and online apprenticeship training.

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