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What Thieves Do with Stolen Device/Smartphone?

Now losing your phone is a normal occurrence. Where  48% of mobile phones are misplaced and later on found by the owner. However, the same cannot be said about the other 52% of phones that are stolen by thieves. It is a disheartening incident that occurs in our daily lives. Also the tragic reality of the society that we live in. Regardless of all of these unfortunate events, do you know what exactly thieves do with our stolen devices? In case you don’t have any idea let us enlighten you on this particular subject.

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Things that Thieves do After Stealing Our Smartphones

Digging in for the Data

You may wonder what a thief will do with your data. It is pretty useless for them. Only a person who wants to personally attack you would do such things. Over here you are wrong, your data is worth more than your smartphone and holds more importance. After going through your files and data. In a way, they have gained access to your private information. Once they have all that they need, doing identity fraud would become easier for them.

Having access to your sensitive files like going through your online bank account and draining your account. If the thief is smart and a hacker it is not a tough job for them to hack your account. Still, you can take some safety precautions. All you have to do is download data encryption apps. This is the only way to keep your chats on all social media platforms private. Even your passwords and emails are safe from the predator’s hands.


Some people have a personal vendetta against you. They only steal your phone for one purpose: to gain access to your private data like pictures, videos, and other sensitive stuff like your chats and use it for blackmailing. Such cases don’t transpire often only when someone holds a grudge against you and wants ransom in return to keep your secrets. To prevent this from happening as soon as you find out that someone stole your phone. There are apps similar to Find My Device with its help you can remotely delete all of your data.

Reselling or Asking for Ransom

Blackmailing works in two ways: the first case is mentioned above. In the second case, A thief after stealing your phone hacks into all of your accounts. Like your Apple ID account and iCloud account or any social media account. After this, they will ask for money to return your phone and account, and you have to give in to their demand so they don’t misuse anything.

Even if you don’t give them what they are asking you. They will resell your phone if you have the latest and updated version of Android and iPhone without any severe damage. Any retailer would be delighted to pay them handsomely for such a device. In big countries like the United Kingdom thieves protect themselves and send the stolen devices to different countries to sell.

How to Protect Your Device from Thieves?

Thieves are going to do what they do no one can stop them. Unless they get caught red-handed and serve time in jail. But there are always thousands of thieves roaming the streets freely and looking for opportunities. You cannot stop thieves from stealing but still, you can protect your device from them and from becoming their next victim.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings and Take Precautions

When you are going for an outing make sure your phone is invisible from prying eyes and hands. Wear a jacket or any sort of clothing that has a hidden pocket and keep your phone in it. If you are a woman and have one of these side purses and bags. Make sure that you always hold your purse from where it opens.

This way you will know if someone is trying to grab your purse. While you are walking don’t use your smartphone unless necessary. Even when you are going to use it. Keep your eyes on your surroundings and always be aware. Otherwise, someone can easily snatch it from your hands. Never leave your phone unattended in a cafe or restaurant, always keep it with you.

Install Apps to Protect your Data

Some apps are designed to give access to the data if the user knows the password. These apps will keep your chats private, and protect your email, passwords, and as well.

Get your Smartphone Insured

Yes, you heard it right you can even buy insurance for your smartphone. If you think your device is valuable and losing it would be a massive loss for you. Therefore, you can get smartphone insurance. If someone steals you they will cover up the cost and not only that they also provide coverage for your private information.

Install Apps to Find Location and Wipe Data

Apps such as Find My Phone helps you track the exact location of your phone. Not only that this app will help you remotely wipe your data from your phone with the help of a spare phone and access to your account.

Final Verdict

Buying and selling used smartphones is not unheard of. It is a common practice in our society to save money and protect our environment. Check the IMEI number online to find if the device has been stolen or not, When you are buying a second-hand device? If you have even a single doubt in your mind about anything, don’t buy that phone and leave the shop right away.


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