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Why Smart Locks Are Preferable In This Age

We all want to secure our properties or belongings one way or the other which has brought about the adoption of a security system. Securing properties can be done by placing security hardware in the building or through certain security practices by an individual. In the past years, ordinary locks were being used to secure doors and these locks are not secure enough because they can easily be replicated by burglars. This has led to many houses, companies, and stores losing their properties to buglers. Jet age technology then sat down to look for a way out of this situation; this led to the creation of smart locks that can only be controlled by owners. A smart lock for the outdoor gate is also available for those that truly care about their property.

The use of alarm systems, locks, doors, lighting, security cameras, and others are some of the security hardware. While making sure these devices are functioning and activated and the doors locked are security practices that can help protect our houses and offices. Everything is going smart which includes television, phone, home, and even lock. The advancement in technology has made it very easy to remotely monitor and manage some systems and devices that use electricity. Smart lock for the outdoor gate is now being adopted by home and business owners probably due to the security, control, and convenience it provides and is also affordable.

Smart locks give you the freedom to move around without carrying keys and you can easily control your door remotely. You can secure your home using smart locks and they come in different sizes, designs, and shapes which can be chosen based on your need and taste. The good thing is that there is a smart lock for the outdoor gate, not just for your home or office door. You should know that residential smart locks cannot be used on gates because not all of them are weather-resistant. This means exposure to certain weather can cause damage. Smart lock for outdoor gates is easy to install and can be a perfect and secure option for you because you only need an app and don’t have to bother about losing or forgetting a key somewhere.

Smart Locks Options

There are various types of smart locks with different functions but the most popular ones have the latch separated from the deadbolt. Most smart locks are for standard deadbolt locks and are readily available in the market. The mortise smart lock is very limited and usually has a sprung latch at the top and a locking bolt below. The following are the types of smart locks you will come across whether you want to install them on existing door hardware or replace the lock. All of these smart locks can easily be installed or set up for anyone.

Close-up on an automated security system at a house Close-up on an automated security system at a house locking the front door - smart home concepts smart locks stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Bluetooth Enabled

Most of the smart locks with Bluetooth are of similar function as with Wi-Fi just that you prevent your battery from draining faster with the Bluetooth option. Making it possible to connect directly with your phone. Some people consider it to be secure as proximity is needed for it to work.


It has wifi connectivity that can pair with your smart home system and works with apps. As long as you have a wireless connection you can control your door remotely and can also monitor the opening and closing of your door from anywhere. In case you install a smart lock for the outdoor gate you can easily grant access to trusted individuals, family, or friends without stress into your property from anywhere

Combination and Keypad

These types of smart locks, mostly the ones with keypads, require that you have a passcode for you to unlock the door when locked. The combination smart locks come in different forms and styles which can be with or without a handle set, lever, or knob. There are some models with keypads to press while some offer a touch screen button.


These smart locks make use of your fingerprint to unlock and lock the door. Though these types of smart locks seem to provide good security as your fingerprint cannot be easily fake. It is better to buy a fingerprint lock that has a keypad and other connectivity options just in case of any problem. This feature is also available in a smart lock for the outdoor gates.

To make life easier most smart locks combine part or all of the options highlighted above.

Bottom Line

It is better to be safe than to be sorry when it comes to protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your home by using a smart gate lock. The use of an outdoor smart lock for your resident or commercial property is very necessary as it keeps you at peace. Installing a smart lock for the outdoor gates should be considered for easy control and protection.

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