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Things to Consider While Choosing A Roku App Development Company

Streaming services like Roku have started to replace traditional TVs. Soon traditional TV will become a thing of the past. Roku is one of the most popular and fast-selling media boxes in the world. It is an open streaming platform that promises a lot of benefits for its users. Do you want to know about Roku in detail? Are you planning to develop Roku for your business? If so, you should know a few things to consider before choosing a Roku app development company. Read more to get answers to all your unanswered questions. 

What is Roku? 

Roku refers to digital media players manufactured by American company Roku Inc. It provides access to streaming media content from many online services including Netflix, YouTube, Prime, and many more. It has a product line that allows you to connect your TV to access a huge variety of content. The product line includes a smart TV, set-top boxes, a streaming projector, and a streaming projector. Roku is incomparable in its content because there are several hundreds of specialized channels from natural to spiritual. These channels are created not only by TV and movie studios but also by small businesses and even individuals. The biggest advantage of Roku is that even if you don’t subscribe, you can watch the free channels. Moreover, it prompts you to add the channels not installed on your Roku device. When you add it, you can start watching the content of the newly added channel. 

How does Roku work? 

Roku is not only a device but also software. All Roku devices including Roku TV, Roku player, and soundbar need an internet connection. Once the device is set up, you can start using it. First, you have to set up the home screen. The home screen has the main menu on the left side. On the right, you can find a grid pattern with graphic rectangles. The rectangles indicate channels like Netflix and Roku etc. 

You can watch the channels with the help of the remote controller. all you have to do is to navigate and click ok to watch the channel you want and can get back to the home screen when you want to change the channel. You can add channels by surfing the search menu. 

Some of the devices have a remote with a microphone facility. If your remote has a microphone facility, you can give voice commands to play or pause or rewind or fast forward. Even if your remote does not have a microphone, you need not worry if you have a Roku mobile app. You can give voice commands through your mobile phone if you have the app. 

Moreover, Roku is a blessing in disguise for students staying in college hostels and for people who are staying in a hotel because of its “hotel and dorm connect” feature. You can log in to the feature using your mobile, laptop or tablet. 

What are the Roku channel and Roku apps? 

Roku channel refers to the collection of free shows and movies and many free live streaming channels that include news, sports, and entertainment channels. The Roku channel is portable. This is its primary advantage. Additionally, you can watch it within the Roku app for Android, iOS, and also the web. The Roku app is a wonderful way to extend your Roku experience to other devices. This ensures that you can enjoy the Roku channels wherever you go even without the Roku device. The Roku mobile app is also helpful to search for channels by giving its name or its category. Moreover, you can use your mobile Roku app to provide voice commands if your remote does not have a microphone facility. 

You can also use the Roku app to watch the content that is currently playing on your TV. You can watch a TV show or a movie with your family even if you are not with them at home. This is a big benefit for frequent travelers who miss home. 

What are the features of the Roku app? 

The Roku app makes it better what you can do with Roku at home and when you are away from home with the help of its special features. The Roku app provides a lot of facilities. What are they? 

  • You can search, add, and remove channels from your mobile phone. It is easier because you are familiar with the keys of the keyboard of your mobile phone than the remote. 
  • You can provide voice commands from your phone.
  • While you are away, you can view Roku channels on your mobile. Connect your wireless or wired earphones for clear audio. 
  • You have the facility to transfer photos and videos from your mobile phone to your Roku device. 
  • Another unique feature is screen mirroring that allows your screen to reflect your screen to any Roku device. 

Why should you launch the Roku channel? 

  1. Roku channels are some of the most popular streaming devices on the market globally. The data points out that Roku holds more than 30% of the global streaming market. So when you launch a Roku channel you are assured of a better reach from your audience, increased revenue, and more user satisfaction. 
  2. You will be able to interact with your customers through your content. Impressive content will get you more customers. So you are assured of more returns for the money you invest. 
  3. You will be able to capture the attention of potential customers. Otherwise, they will switch over to other brands. 
  4. Potential customers will be happy when they are able to assess your content without any hassles. This can be a big advantage to both small and large businesses. 

How to create a Roku channel? 

Roku, the leading streaming platform, allows you to create your own channel. What are the steps involved in creating a Roku channel? 

  1. First, you have to decide if you are going for Roku’s channel template or if you are going to create a custom channel. 
  2. Then you should choose a specific monetization model. There are two common models and they are AVOD and SVOD. AVOD refers to Ad based videos on demand and SVOD refers to Subscription videos on demand. 
  3. Next, you should pay close attention to deep links to increase the visibility of your channel. 
  4. Roku has both low-end and high-end device spectrum. Apps that work on high-end devices may not work on low-end ones. So it is better to test apps both on the low and high end. 

Roku app development can be a challenging task as it has to run on both high and low-end devices. It can also take a lot of time. Custom development of the Roku channel can take about 3 to 6 months. So, the best option is to assign the task to the Roku app development company. You can avoid a lot of problems and gain a lot if you get the services of the best company. 

What are some things to consider while choosing a Roku app development company? 

Identifying the right company for Roku app development is no child’s play. There are plenty of options and to choose one among them you have to take into consideration a few important factors. 

  • Look for expertise 

Does the company have expertise and experience in developing Roku apps? You should find the answer to this question first. You should also see if they can create apps to suit your needs and requirements.  

  • Get price quotes 

If you have budget constraints you should make sure that you stick to it but make sure you don’t settle for a low quality just because it is the cheapest. Shortlist a few Roku app development companies. Ask them about their policy of calculation of pricing. Will it be based on the hours spent or on the difficulty level? Can the payment be made in installments or should it be made fully? Get answers to these questions. You should also get details about the methods and terms of payment. Make sure there are no hidden costs. 

  • Check the reviews and ratings

You should go through the reviews and feedback given by past and present customers. If needed, get the contact information of the clients and contact them. This is necessary if you feel the reviews on the web page of the company do not look genuine. Ask the clients if the project was delivered on time. 

  • Check portfolio and ask for samples 

Ask the company to share its portfolio. Ask for work samples. Check the Roku apps developed by the company to make sure they meet your expectations. 

You may get lost in the huge amount of choices in the Roku app development market. It is very important to evaluate the pluses and minuses of all Roku app development companies that you have shortlisted. A good company should not only have technical expertise but also good communication skills and the eagerness to understand your idea and envision it.

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