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Hybrid Event Platform- Find the Right Space

A virtual hybrid platform enables the audience to connect with people across the world. A hybrid event comprises both the set of attendees i.e. in-person as well as virtual in the same frame. The platform helps in reaching a wide spectrum of attendees globally.

Due to social distancing, such hybrid platforms are beginning to become a trend, thus replacing traditional physical event shows. A hybrid event can be attended remotely from anywhere in the world at the attendees’ comfort. Because of such wide reach and efficiency the hybrid platforms are expected to be the future of the majority of events/meetings.

Since the event can be broadcasted live all around the world with the attendees joining at their comfort, a hybrid event is proving to be the future event hosting/management. The number of tools available to make the experience rich and efficient makes hybrid platforms a viable choice for future investments.

Find the right space with Hybrid Event Platform

The rising trend of the Hybrid Platform is justified due to its efficiency and wider reach without compromising on active participation and engagement by the attendees. Let’s take a look at some of the features of the Hybrid event platform:


While hosting a virtual hybrid event there will be particular virtual booths for specific events. The attendees will engage with the virtual booth representative via live chat functionality. A representative is appointed for each sector of the event (technical, data management, etc.) which holds the responsibility and accountability of that sector.


Since the hybrid event is a combination of physical as well as virtual events, there is no denying that it will have a virtual lobby that is designed for the virtual attendees. The lobby and the services provided by the platform should be easy to navigate and comprehend by the interested attendees. A hybrid event platform with comprehensive features is necessary to make the event efficient and easy to navigate.


To make the hybrid virtual event unique custom changes are required for interaction and engagement. The availability of such changes may attract the person depending on personal preferences. The 3D virtual event hall allows for maximum customization in lobbies, reception exhibition halls, etc. Depending on the brand image the event can be customized and thus make it more appealing to attract potential target attendees.


Every action, interaction, and engagement can be recorded and the proper checks can be executed if any transaction is made. Analytics is necessary for every hybrid event because it allows the organization to analyze the activities, behavior and determine the priority of activities depending upon the audience. Which activities were admired and which were not, which activities were appreciated and which were disliked can be examined by the organization via the hybrid event platform.


A digital footprint is used for tracking the path chosen by the attendees. It helps gather knowledge about what a particular individual or a group opts for which in turn helps to determine measures in the long run. Countless individuals have numerous decisions based on their preferences and instincts. With digital footprinting, the organization can keep a track of such decisions to help them understand the audience better, make corresponding changes, and know the most engaging hotspots at the virtual hybrid event.


The ability to connect and interact with the attendee is a must for any hybrid event. Such engagement can provide useful information for the organization and help in better understanding the audience and vice versa.


This allows the participants to have meetings or discussions with each other by sitting in front of each other, much like traditional networking. The meeting could either be one-on-one or in groups of up to 8 members. A networking table plan can help upscale the virtual hybrid event effortlessly.


To browse through the list of hundreds of people and selecting people to have a conversation with can be a tedious task. That’s when AI matchmaking steps in to make networking easier for the attendee by identifying interested prospects of the conversation. AI matchmaking helps in bringing people together who have similar interests to have meaningful conversations. This helps in amplifying the engagement and boosts revenues while simultaneously enabling the interested attendees to collaborate easily.


Face-to-face interactions have their worth. However, by introducing a live chat tool that incorporates audio, video, and textual means of communication, results can be obtained similar to traditional events. Such tools help the attendees have interaction with each other either one-on-one or in groups.


With the rising trend of Hybrid events, traditional paper business cards are replaced by virtual business cards which can be exchanged by participants or interested attendees at the start or the end of the meeting.


The attendees should feel that they are a part of the hybrid event and for that engagement features are recommended. Such features help in making the whole experience better. Here are some of the engagement features.


Interested attendees may have doubts or questions regarding whatever is presented to them. Q&A sessions help the attendees to get a better understanding of the session while keeping them engaged throughout. The interaction can be in the form of text, audio, and/or video.


The engagement of the audience is a crucial part of any event. By introducing live polls the organization can get useful insights and a better understanding of the audience. Live polls keep the attendees engaged in real-time while the results are displayed LIVE on their screens. Such engagement can boost the morale of the attendees and thus increase the number of interested attendees.


A social media wall enables you to: collect feeds revolving around the event from multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Instagram, Vkontakte, and more. The well-amalgamated content is integrated on a social wall that can be seen by attendees during a live stream and have discussions.


The introduction of typical game-like elements, such as spin the wheel, shooting games, crosswords, puzzles, etc., may help boost attendees’ engagement and in turn improve the interaction.


Booths, where the attendees can click selfies with appealing frames and share them on their social platforms or for personal use, may help increase brand awareness and improve engagement with the audience. Making the photos easy to download and share also improves the brand image since such little steps of efficiency make the attendee’s perspective towards the brand. Photo booths also help in capturing a photographic memory of the event, something that the attendees can take back home.


The Virtual Mosaic can be used at hybrid events to engage with delegates. A simple digital photo mosaic attracts people and engages them to explore what you have to offer. A beautiful piece of art to appeal to the audience.

Over to you

Hybrid events are becoming a new trend due to the pandemic and the awareness of social distancing in people. People can join remotely and the organization can have a wider reach. We have mentioned some key points a hybrid event platform should have for better engagement of the attendees and increasing brand awareness effortlessly.

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