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Tips for Remodeling Homes for People with Disabilities

Your home is a place of comfort, where you feel loved, safe, and at peace. However, things are not often the same for people with a disability or older citizen. Living with a disability can be challenging, but home remodeling can help ease your burden and you can do your daily tasks without the need to depend on others. There are a lot of things to consider when taking this bold step. You will need to make a thorough research on the type of disability you have, the needs of the individual, and the options you have. In addition, it is important to communicate with the company you want to work with. They are experts in home remodeling for the disabled. Therefore, they have a broad perspective, knowledge, and experience of the remodeling that is needed to be done. This will prepare you for any issues that may arise in the future.

It is devastating to know that many places are not built to accommodate the needs of people dealing with a disability. This has magnified the need to provide them a comfortable home. It is also important that they and their loved ones have access to the best resources and materials about how to live an independent, enjoyable, and happy life. The good news is the development of new technology and the rapid increase in people with disabilities and older citizens have led to the development of more projects to accommodate disabilities. Over the years, the number of organizations that provide home remodeling for aging in place has increased greatly. And there are a variety of resources and experts that can help you with the planning process. Here are tips that will help you when planning for home modification for disabled needs.

Use the right people

After planning to modify your home, it is important to do your research and find out the best company that can do great work. Only hire contractors who specialize in home renovation for aging in place and disabilities. You can also ask for a reference or read up companies’ reviews online or contact any home remodeling Pennsylvania experts that you trusted. This will give you the assurance that your vision will come to life.

Understand your home accessibility needs

Different physical disabilities might require different ways of home modifications. Whether the disabled or a loved one, you must understand what your needs are, your constraints, and what is needed to live a comfortable life. All these come into play when making the home accessible for your needs. For instance, a person in a wheelchair might require a different bathroom modification from a person having vision issues or impairment. Hence, every person’s specific needs are different, and it comes with different home accessibility requirements.

Ensure you are complaints with ADA renovations

Any existing building whether built before or after the ADA complaints was in effect and requires alterations for home remodeling for aging in place or disability must be in compliance with the ADA’s accessible requirements no matter the age. There are certain standards put in place and every area of the house that needs remodeling has its requirements that must be met. Different states and cities have their own laid down standards. Your Pennsylvania home modification contractor can always guide you on how to go about this. Do not let this deter you, you have every right to make home modifications to your needs as granted by the Fair Housing Act.

Get home technology and accessible appliance

When remodeling a home, it is important to consider every detail of the house. The floor must be non-porous and smooth. This type of floor provides easy passage of wheelchair and can be easily clean. The ramps should be great and the doorway and hallway must be wide to accommodate any type of wheelchair. The locks of the house door should be of lower height. Otherwise, you might want to opt for an automatic door if you can afford it. One of the most important rooms to remodel for people with disabilities in the house is the bathroom. Doing this will give them the privacy they need and also allow them to be totally independent. It also keeps them safe when entering and leaving the bathroom. The bathroom should be wide and very comfortable. The shower must be properly fitted, the tub should be easy to use while making the nozzles adjustable and appropriate. The toilet seat should be designed with a higher height standard. Moreso, home technology should be available to provide ease and comfort and appliances must be within the reach of people who have limited mobility.

Avail of federal resources for people with disability

The federal government has provided many resources such as financial aid, allowance, and many more for people with disabilities. One of those aids is specifically for renovation and  home remodeling. The department of Housing and Urban development in your state will provide you all the necessary information you need to get the resources from the government. Also, you can apply for the specially adapted housing grant in your state. This grant will provide assistance for you only if you are qualified for it. To qualify, simply ask for assistance for the remodeling of an existing home or when you are planning to buy a new home.

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