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Synopsis: Investing in affordable homes is an ideal choice There is comfort, security, and contentment. Both the investors and the buyers or tenants benefit from this affordable real estate market in many ways. 

Why do we need to invest in affordable housing?

The areas that constitute affordable housing projects in Gurugram are rapidly growing. There is a major shift in infrastructure and urbanization that provides for a number of amenities and services. This fast growth promotes a quality lifestyle that lies within the budget of middle-class or lower-middle-class families in our society. The lower prices of these affordable housing projects also call for more rental opportunities. This is beneficial for the developers as the cash continues to flow. Also for the tenants who are willing to rent a place because of the affordable quality. A constant cash flow is one of the major reasons that make affordable housing projects in Gurugram a much better investment option as it secures the ROI (Returns on Investment).

There are a lot of families in our society today who are unable to afford the high-cost real estate sector. Owning a home is more of a necessity not only for comfort but also the future growth. As society is rapidly growing, the lower-income groups need to get a hold of their lifestyle choices in order to catch up with the world. This is only possible when they are able to afford a place in the urban sector and affordable homes are the way forward. Gurugram affordable housing is an ideal choice for those economically weaker sections who come from rural areas wanting to make it big for themselves and their families. The prices of these affordable projects are pocket-friendly and provide a life of comfort, safety, and security. As the quality of life improves, the future of these families also starts to improve.  

Affordable homes provide the opportunity to change the lives of so many individuals. Hundreds and thousands of families out there are in need of homes that suit their income level and affordable homes are the perfect answer to all their questions. With this, there is not the only improvement in their quality of life. But also the community as a whole that makes up for the positive impacts on the present and the future generations. 

How to invest in affordable housing?

In 2014, the government of India came up with a huge proposal that aimed at developing 1 Crore houses that will deliver affordable homes for all the citizens. The government of India has introduced several policies for the investors of real estate. These policies will boost the availability of affordable homes in the near future. More such policies have been introduced to provide aid or a healing hand to those in need. The economically weaker sections of the society can benefit from these government policies. And fulfill their dreams of owning a home in urban societies. 

Several schemes such as the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna (PMAY) for the affordable housing segment support. Also, can help the economically weaker section get affordable housing. What comes under this scheme- The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana came into being in the year 2015. The motive was to provide housing for all by the year 2022. Under this scheme, the income for the economically weaker households has been decided in the range within 3 lakhs.

The states are allowed to set the income limit according to their local factors. But only with a consultation from the central authorities. Basic amenities to provide the ideal lifestyle opportunities will be provided for housing up to a 30 sq meter carpet area. Finally, the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana aims to address the housing needs and requirements of the lower-income sections of society who choose to shift their lifestyle from rural to urban. HUDA Affordable Housing Policy came into being in the year 2013 under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. The aim here is to deliver to the needs of those belonging to low-income groups.

What do affordable homes in Gurugram have to offer?

The low-income groups put their hard-earned money when buying a house for themselves. But affordable homes don’t seem like they have swallowed more than they can chew. Affordable homes in Gurugram are an ideal choice for homebuyers as they will provide them with comfort, security, and accountability. One of the most prominent developers of affordable housing projects in Gurugram is MRG World. They have introduced various affordable housing like Pyramid Pride and Mahira Homes, also commercial projects that promote a quality lifestyle. 

At MRG World there are various location benefits and amenities offered, like-

  • There are numerous prime locations nearby that will give an edge to lifestyle in these affordable homes. These offer better connectivity options to not just major hubs of the city but also around. To name a few: Dwarka Expressway, National Highway 8, AIIMS Jhajjar, and IGI Airport Via Dwarka Expressway. 
  • MRG World offers several schemes that may help the buyers to make their choices as it provides them with many benefits. These include No maintenance charge for five years. Up to 90% loan provided by banks. Associated with Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY). No charges for external or infrastructure development, possession within 4 years.
  • MRG World also stands out not only in terms of location but also in terms of the amenities that they provide. These include a Badminton court and tennis court, yoga center, free parking facilities, cycling tracks, playgrounds for children, jogging track, parks full of lush greenery, a gated complex with CCTV, and 24×7 security.

There is a large number of people interested in Gurugram affordable homes not just for residential purposes but also for the benefits received in terms of returns on investments. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity if you are one of the many people looking to invest or to become homeowners. Now is the time to analyze the different aspects of real estate and make a wise choice for your investment.

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