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4 BHK Flats Offers A Family Time Experience for Everyone

Amidst all the buzz about selecting a flat in the ‘right’ neighbourhood, ensuring that all the amenities are readily available, and ensuring that overall expenses do not go beyond the homebuying budget, the size & proportion of the flat under question often takes a backseat. Buying a flat in Kolkata without paying due attention on this can lead to problems later – as family sizes change and requirements continue to evolve. For instance, if yours is a fairly big family, going for a 4BHK flat is a good idea. Such flats generally have excellent resell values as well. Real estate companies have come up with such residential accommodation options all over the City of Joy. The beautifully designed and highly functional residential flats in Phoolbagan are a classic example in this context. Here’s a roundup of the main advantages that families can get by opting to live in 4BHK flats:

Lots Of Space For Families

With a total area of 1490 square feet, the 4 BHK flats at Jiva by PS Group offer space aplenty for families that are looking to take up abode here. In general too, these flats in Kolkata – with their meticulous designs and spacious structures – make sure that homeowners do not face any difficulties related to accommodation. There is ample balcony area and overall carpet area, there is no lack of privacy, and family-members of all ages can look forward to enjoying their time here.

Designed For Convenience & A Touch Of Opulence

From step-out balconies to space optimisation at every step – the 4BHK residential flats in Phoolbagan have all the elements to deliver the right combination of luxury, efficiency and sophistication to residents. At Jiva, the presence of floating patios, beautiful water gardens and decks add a dash of magic & sophistication to the overall environment. Many of these apartments have banquet halls in-campus as well, for hosting events and celebrating special days.

Quality Of Living. Enhanced.

The real estate scene in Kolkata has evolved considerably over the years. In the present-day world, families have increasingly started looking for 4BHK apartments that would take up their living standards and express their tastes & personalities. For the conscious homebuyer, being able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle has become the topmost priority. That’s exactly why the demand for 4BHK (as well as 3BHK) flats in the City of Joy is escalating.

Competitive Pricing Is An Important Factor

Contrary to general perception, the prices of 4BHK flats in Phoolbagan are not significantly higher than that of 3BHK accommodations. For instance, the 4BHK flats at Jiva are available at a starting price of Rs. 2.16 Cr. The range of world-class amenities at these apartments, coupled with the design excellence of these flats, make them worth buying indeed. As such, a good 4BHK home is a great asset for families – one that ensures excellent ROI.

Buyers often need to rely on bank loans to purchase the home of their dreams. When it comes to buying a property at the residential apartments in Phoolbagan, there are no difficulties regarding that either. Several reputed banks offer loan schemes (at reasonable interest rates) – ensuring that people do not have to face financial worries.

A Step Towards A Secure Future

For certain families, it might seem that opting for a 2BHK home would meet the immediate accommodation requirements. However, as kids grow and/or new family members come in, the need for more rooms/space becomes clearer – leading to stresses and (perhaps) more home-buying expenses. All such problems can be avoided by going for a nice and luxurious 4BHK flat, which would take care of the changing space requirements in future. Investing on a new home has to be done with the long-term picture in mind – and these residential flats are a very good option on that count.

More Than Just Run-Of-The-Mill Homes

At the Jiva residential complex, families can enjoy truly fresh and soothing ‘home experiences’. As much as 43% of this property is made up of water bodies, while there is no paucity of greenery on all sides. There are 3 picturesque and regularly maintained ponds over here as well. The lakeside promenade and walkways take up the classiness of Jiva manifold.

In terms of outdoor and indoor amenities too, these premium residential flats are at par with world-class standards. There are designated guest rooms, massage, steam & sauna zones, a reading room, a well-equipped gymnasium, and a recreation centre. The yoga zone and the jogging track are ideal for those who prefer an active way of living. The party lawn and the moon garden are also effective in setting a fun, laidback mood.

Safety Assurance; Secure Neighbourhood.

For families, the importance of choosing a home in a safe, bustling neighbourhood can hardly be overemphasised. The 3BHK and 4BHK residential flats in Phoolbagan – located right at the centre of the city – ensure that residents over here do not have to be concerned over safety. The neighbourhood is an ideal one – and all facilities, right from commute options and medical support centres, to leisure spots and educational facilities – are present within easy reach.

When it comes to the safety features of the flats here, there are no gaps either. The residential apartments in and around Phoolbagan have all the latest safety provisions, like fire hydrants, sprinkler systems, boom barriers, seismic sensors for flat elevators, 24×7 CCTV surveillance, and more.

Before you start looking for a new flat, take time out to understand your precise residential requirements. If your family size is already on the larger side (or you expect your family to grow in the foreseeable future), going for a 4BHK flat would be an ideal investment. Jiva by PS Group is one of the finest residential flats in Phoolbagan – one of the residential hubs in Kolkata – and it offers 4BHK living experiences that elevate the concept of ‘quality family time’ to an altogether new level.

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