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What is the Important Role of Planet Mars In Shaping Your Career!

Mars is the red planet related to fierceness, courage, and bravery. It is considered a masculine planet with a fire element. If Mars is your dominant planet and you are confused about your career path, then you must take the help of Vedic Astrology to find a promising career.

The position of Mars in your Kundali helps to understand your personality and suitability of your career for growth and prosperity. Consider the following positions of Mars in a Kundali and their effects on shaping the career of a person.

Important Role of Planet Mars In Shaping Your Career

Mars in the First House

People with Mars in their first house perform well in the realty sector and medical and engineering fields. They never lose the competition and have dominant personality traits. Mars bestows such people with ancestral property and good fortune in trade and business.

Mars in the Second House

The position of Mars in the second house influences a person to be bold and talkative. Such people are good at winning arguments and they become good politicians, orators, or lawyers. They are good at expressing themselves and have an influencing personality.

Mars in the Third House

Mars in the third house blesses a person with success in clearing government exams. If you are struggling with clearing government exams and thinking of quitting, talk to a career astrologer to guide you and achieve favorable results.

Technology is another field that interests these people. Engineering and agriculture are other career options that could be pursued by people with Mars in the third house.

Mars in the Fourth House

Mars in the fourth house is favorable for pursuing a career in the government sector, real estate, and armed forces. These people are risk takers but usually lose on their investments. They earn a good reputation in society and are usually economically sound.

Armed forces, police, security services, and alike are some fields where they can make a secure career. Mars also helps a person to settle abroad and make a good fortune.

Mars in the Fifth House

A person with Mars in the fifth house is a strategic thinker, athletic, and possesses leadership qualities. The person may consider making a career in the fields of sports of their choice and success will surely follow.

Besides sports, joining the military and defense services is also a suitable choice. The strategic thinking ability and interest in sports make these an ideal career choice.

Mars in the Sixth House

People with Mars in the sixth house thrive on power. They are ambitious, hard-working, and responsible. These personality traits help a person to become a great politician and sportsperson. Making a career in the field of politics is promising for them. They earn a good name and fame in the area of sports as well.

Moreover, becoming a doctor or a surgeon is also a suitable option for making good fortune and fame.

Mars in the Seventh House

A person with Mars in the seventh house becomes a great entrepreneur. They have great communication skills and prudent ability. With hard work and determination, they establish a flourishing business, giving them respect and popularity in society.

Mars also negatively influences such people to make wrong decisions concerning expenses. These people are also advised to work independently as working in partnership influences them to make wrong business decisions.

Mars in the Eighth House

This is an unfavorable position of Mars in one’s Kundali. This position influences a person to get into disputes and vain efforts. A person has to continuously work hard to stay economically sound. There are chances of such a person becoming prey of false business and work choices. We advise such people to speak with an astrologer to find a solution to this dosha and make a fruitful and rightful career.

Mars in the Ninth House

Mars in the ninth house of a Kundali makes a person aggressive and greedy. These people support a cause and get influenced by the actions of the government. They end up making wrong decisions in relation to investments. Favorable career options could be in the field of medical and engineering, giving them desirable fame and growth.

Mars in the Tenth House

According to Astrology, this is the most favorable position of Mars in a Kundali. A person can make a career in the fields of medical (especially surgery), engineering, business, real estate, politics, and sports. This position of Mars brings good luck, success, and prosperity to a person in the career of their choice.

Mars in the Eleventh House

This is the profit-yielding position of Mars, therefore careers in trading, businesses, and investing industry are suitable for a person with Mars in the eleventh house. A career in the realty industry and land is also a favorable choice.

Mars in the Twelfth House

The position of Mars in the twelfth house negatively affects a person’s personality traits, influencing their career. These people have an urge to help others and do charity, living an economically poor life. They make foreign connections and also work cross-border.

The influence of Mars on one’s career can be well understood, but to select a favorable career based on the effects of the position of other planets, an analysis of Kundali must be carried out. Consult an astrologer for Kundali analysis and find a flourishing career option.

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