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Mother’s Day Tradition Around the World

In many countries, Mothers’ day is celebrated in different ways and on different dates. While the traditions and customs of Mother’s Day differ, everyone knows how important it is to honor the special day in your life for everything she does all year long to make her children and family members happy. In 2021, get ready to celebrate Mother’s Day on 9 May. So, mark your calendar and make this day special for all the moms, grandmas, aunts, and mother figures in your life.

Here’s a lost Mother’s Day tradition around the world. Read on and learn about these traditions.

Mother’s Day Tradition India

In India, Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May. Some people celebrate this day in a Western way, expressing their gratitude to moms with special gifts and flower delivery. Like other countries around the world, Indians also celebrate the importance of mothers in their lives and their efforts to make them the best they can be. The Hindu population, however, also celebrates the Durga Puja festival in October.

This ten-day festival celebrates the Divine Mother Durga and the victory of good over evil. Small gifts mark the festival to friends and family as well as enjoyment of the feast.


The three-day feast celebrated during Mother’s Day is known as “Antrosht, celebrated at the end of the rainy season in early fall, is dedicated to mothers. After the weather clears for good, all family members flock to their homes for a big meal and celebration. Traditionally, Daughters are meant to bring cheese and vegetables while the son gets the meat. Together, they prepare a meat hash and sing and dance to narrate stories of family heroes.

United Kingdom

In the UK, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Easter and is called Mothering Sunday. During the medieval period, poor families often sent their children to work in wealthy families as domestic servants or apprentices. It was celebrated in the lateen season where they worship the Virgin Mary and visit their home, the “Mother Church”, and their families.

Children often choose flowers to give to their mothers and bake special cakes called Mother Cakes for Seaman Cakes (especially the holiday is also known as Sunday because strict fasting rules were set aside for a holiday). Today, Mother’s Day is celebrated in the same way as in the US with gifts, flowers, cards, and family meals.


Another country that totally follows the tradition of giving carnations and other flowers in Australia, where Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. Chrysanthemum is also a very popular floral option, as the mother there is called mum. Aunt and grandmother are also greeted with gifts. Mother’s Day, no matter how or when it is celebrated, simply serves as a remembrance of all the mothers who do every day for their family, and for that, they deserve respect.


Peru is a country of two traditions. In Peru, it is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. This Mother’s Day is very much liked in the United States and Canada. And Peruvian mothers will get cards, gifts and be spoiled. The indigenous Andean population, however, will also celebrate the occasion in August. It is a day in honor of Pachamama – Mother Earth.

As you step around the world, you see the dates and specific traditions associated with the change of Mother’s Day, but the feelings and love behind the idea are much the same. It is a day when families come together to recognize the importance of the simple things that mother does every day, the little things that families often get together. So, you too, send mothers day gifts, cards to make your mom feel special and loved on this mothers day

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