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What better way to choose the mattress for the bed. reviews of experts

High-quality double mattresses are able to make a dream even more enjoyable, and most importantly – powerful and helpful. Not only the comfort of your vacation but also your health depends on this inalienable feature of the bedroom. Sleeping night forms our well-being for the next day. Agree, it’s worth the time spent.

What to pay attention to when choosing a mattress

A well-equipped double bed can be a great help in preventing such common symptoms as back and muscle pain, and even allergic reactions. And the whole secret is to arrange a bed properly.

When choosing a mattress, pay attention to its characteristics:

  • correct size?
  • Stiffness layers.
  • anatomical properties.
  • Fillers.

How to choose an anatomical mattress for a double bed: Size

Let’s start with the general rule: both backs and the length must fit perfectly to the dimensions of the beds. The traditional anatomical model in the profile market is represented in two variants: 1.9 or 2 meters. The width, as a rule, ranges from 1.6 to 2 meters. The thickness of the structure depends on the internal filler. If the model is located at the springs, then its height will range from 18-50 cm, respectively, the options without springs are slightly lower: up to 18 cm.

The size of the bed of modern manufacturers in most cases fully complies with the specified parameters, so you should not have difficulties with the choice.

The right choice of mattress includes another important feature – the weight that the product can withstand. Usually, the passport always states the maximum load level for a single bed. This indicator must be taken into account, otherwise, the deformation of the product will not wait long for a long time.

Types of structures

One of the main tasks of the buyer is to choose the right mattress in the type of construction. Here it is necessary first of all to take into account the anatomical features of each of the spouses.

First of all, you need to decide what exactly you prefer: a spring or raincoat model.

All products can be divided into three main categories:

  • Bonnell: dependent spring block. Such models have been actively produced for more than sixty years. Interestingly, their fairly simple design proved to be very effective and during their existence gained popularity from buyers. The block is made of cold wire and they hang, as these wires are fastened together with the floor plan. These are products of medium or high rigidity.
  • Independent spring block – maximum comfort for both. In this case, we are talking about a block where there is no connection between the sources. Each is enclosed in a special shell, which eliminates element friction and chewing gum. The overall strength of such structures is higher than that of defects. The mattress, adjusting the human anatomy, provides a comfortable sleep.
  • impeccable. Rubber foam mattresses are one of the most popular and democratic variants of this type. But today it is more and more filled with modern models from other materials. The durability of the operation of such a product depends directly on the quality of the filler. For greater comfort, the materials are combined, which affect the rigidity of the goods. It is worth noting that for a spiral mattress it is better to choose a bed with a special steel mesh with a wooden lamp, otherwise the life of the product is reduced twice.

Anatomical layer model: type of filling

Currently, manufacturers offer a very wide range of different fillers, each of which has its undeniable advantages.

  • Latex is a completely natural material characterized by elasticity, anatomical, hygienic and subliminal. Provides excellent support for the spine.
  • Coir – Durable and elastic material with increased bactericidal properties. Used to create high hardness models.
  • Polyurethane. The material is characterized by increased elasticity and excellent air permeability. A perfect model for summer.
  • Memorilatex is an option with excellent air permeability performance. Resistant and resistant to temperature fluctuations, he knows how to “memorize” the position of the body and ensure maximum support in it.
  • Memoriform is a high-tech filler with hypoallergenic properties. Created on the basis of polyurethane, it is distinguished by durability and durability.
  • Viscoelastic Foam is an innovative offer to fill modern layers with the “memory effect”.
  • size – filler in the form of natural fibers with increased antistatic properties. Provides good air circulation and has high strength.

This is certainly not a complete list of possible fillers, but perhaps the most common and well-proven options among the most demanding customers are described.

How much is a double layer?

The cost of a good product can range from 5 to 250 thousand rubles. The choice of the most democratic is the aromatic models that have good anatomical properties. They provide a comfortable and healthy dream. An option with an independent spring block is somewhat more complicated in construction, therefore, their price is significantly higher than previous designs – from 25 thousand rubles and much more. They are more expensive and good anatomical mattresses with dependent spring blocks, they have also been proven in the profile market. But, we remember that this is already from the field of medicine.

Every day we spend about 8 hours in a dream. How far is a bed, not only the morning mood and health but also health? – It is only half the case. It is necessary to choose a suitable mattress because in case of mistake you expect muscle and back pain, insomnia and even allergies. Making the right purchase is not as easy as it may seem. Externally, all layers are very similar, but at the same time can differ significantly in the type of filler, the presence of springs and other parameters. Let’s try to understand how to choose a mattress to ensure a healthy sleep and a comfortable stay.

1. Mattress size

The simplest is to choose the right size. Just measure the inside perimeter of the bed by guiding the old mattress:

Minimal problems arise when the bed and mattress of a brand and also bought at the same time.

2. Mattress design: Spring or spring

The key feature of any mattress is the presence or absence of a spring block in it. Rate in advance, note that both options can be used for permanent rest.

Mattresses in the springs

The layers with the spring block are divided into two types:

Mattresses with addicted spring block We have been producing for over 60 years. Their feature is that all sources are interconnected. The springs are made of cold steel wire, they can have the shape of a cone or a cylinder. In their main Benefits, There are low prices and high durability. disadvantages design is more. Since all sources are connected, pressure on one of them triggers an immediate “response” from the others. This effect is felt in double layers when the difference in sleep weight is more or less significant: a spouse will definitely roll in the middle of the bed. Inevitably, such an effect will be even for a single layer. It turns out that the human spine will adapt to the turns of the mattress, and not the other way around.

In addition, “Bonnell” mattresses over time are pushed into the middle and at the end, instead of a comfortable bed, it is formed. If you want to choose an orthopedic mattress for healthy sleep, the model with the dependent spring block is clearly not suitable. This is an option for infrequent use, for example, for a cottage.

Independent spring block Indicates that the individual springs are not only related to each other, but also to their own fabric cover. Insulated springs fit perfectly for asleep, and the presence of a cover allows you to talk about the absence of running. When one of the sleep is to get up or turn around, the mattress sources under different sleep will remain stationary. No one will roll anywhere, nothing will quote over time.

The larger the springs and the smaller the diameter, the better the mattress will fit into the sleeping body. If you must choose a good orthopedic mattress, it is best to get an S-1000 or S-2000.

In addition to the traditional design of an independent spring, there are two layers of springs on sale. One spring is another, which provides optimal support for people of different weights is a good choice for a couple, in which the partners are very different. For overweight people, designed Mattresses with reinforced blocks: The sources in them are made of thicker cable and are under control. There are layers in which springs with different degrees of rigidity are used in different zones. Because of this, maximum ergonomics are achieved, because the pressure exerted by the head and pelvis is different.

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