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Shopping Trends for Halloween Season 2022

What to buy for Halloween is a question that many of you are wondering, not knowing how to prepare gifts for the people you love. Or what items to use to decorate the house during Halloween. Let’s refer to Foolic’s suggestions for shopping trends for Halloween 2022 below!

Trends for Buying Gifts on Halloween:



As you can find, Dreamcatcher is taken into consideration as a “talisman of dreams” originating from the Ojibwa tribe, in America. And Dreamcatcher charms have a circular shape representing the circle of life and have no end. The dreamcatcher is hung on the nightstand with the meaning of dispelling bad dreams and welcoming good dreams.

Halloween Lanterns

Halloween Lanterns

Inspired by Chinese lanterns, lanterns are decorated with weird shapes, and lit by candles or flashlights will be a great gift for the little ones on the festival night. Halloween is more brilliant. Besides, using Halloween lanterns to decorate a more festive atmosphere.

Masks and Makeup Accessories 

A vital and maximum thrilling pastime of the carnival. Therefore, the uniquely designed masks and masquerade accessories will be a surprisingly impressive gift that you can choose. You can find Halloween masks as gifts for kids on e-commerce websites. Because it is a holiday, there are many promotions, discount codes, and coupons on Halloween on to help you save money when buying.

Halloween Bracelet

Halloween Bracelet

Bracelets will make your Halloween costume more attractive and magical. The bracelets are designed inside the style of thorns with character and exude a cool look, which is a gift that many younger human beings like to choose.

Pumpkin-Shaped Pen/Flower Pot

Halloween Bracelet

A next suggestion is that the pumpkin-patterned pen/flower pot will be a practical gift for the little ones, to always remember the impressive Halloween festival.

Halloween Decoration Trends:

The Halloween Balloons

Halloween Balloons

As you know, Halloween Balloons are balloons made of rubber. This rubber balloon comes in many interesting shapes. Includes simple greetings, images of ghosts, or images of monstrous skulls. So it can meet the maximum needs of consumers.

In addition, Halloween balls can also be displayed in many different spaces in the house. They are easy to combine with other decorations. On the other hand, it is possible to create many unique spaces if you know how to arrange them creatively.

Scary Candy Basket


If your Halloween party uses a lot of sweet candies. Then the creepy candy baskets will be a great choice. These candy baskets can completely replace normal plates and make the perfect accent for your Halloween table.

The candy basket is relatively small in size, made mainly of hand-woven bamboo. On the side of the basket, there are small devil-shaped teddy bears with unique and impressive colors. With these attractive and attractive shapes, the candy basket for Halloween promises to bring you and your colleagues many interesting and unforgettable experiences.

Red-Eyed Bat

Red-Eyed Bat

The bats with jet-black fur with bloodshot eyes are a familiar appearance. It is also one of the accessories that many people seek and want to own. Especially those who have a strong personalities and like to create surprises.

Red-eyed bats are made mainly of plastic polymers. Shaped to look like the real thing. If you don’t look closely, you won’t realize it’s a fake animal. You can gift them such things in handmade gift boxes, the best part is you can customize these boxes according to you.

White Dry Skeleton

White Dry Skeleton

White dried bones are also one of the familiar decorative patterns. It makes the room weird and creepy. With the introduction of Western culture, the white dry skeleton is also easier to find and buy than in the past.

The white dry skeleton is mainly made of plastic, which is safe and non-toxic to users. This skeleton also has many different shapes and can lie, sit, and stand depending on the choice of the buyer.

Ghost Skull

The skulls hanging from the ceiling sway to the music, which will make many people feel scared. It is also one of the items that many young people love today.

The skull ghost model is made mainly of colorful plastic and fabric. The skull ghost model is popularly sold during is festival for a very unique decoration. What’s more, there are a lot of great discounts to help you save money on your purchase

Skull Gravestone

Skull Gravestone

If you are planning to build a spooky garden right in your home. Then these skull tombstone models will be one of the great suggestions.

Skull tombstone is made mainly of hard foam, so it is very light in weight. This makes placement easier. Most of the skull headstone samples are gray-brown, looking very real. So it will give a lot of special decorative effects.

When using a skull headstone as a decoration, you should use a few other decorations. Like pumpkins, dried tree models, or ghost figures. To create a more beautiful and impressive Halloween scene. You should also use more decorative led lights to make this model stand out.

Devil’s Hand

Devil’s hand is a unique decorative pattern and is chosen by many people to decorate Halloween. Because it is not only beautiful but also can be combined with many other decorations. Create a sparkling and impressive Halloween space.

With the devil’s hand, there are many materials for you to choose from. Like a demon hand with decal stickers, a plastic demon hand, or a demon hand with transparent led lights. Devil’s hand with decal paper has many different unique colors. Plastic hands are often lifelike and blood-red. The LED hand lights are transparent and come with hanging strings for decoration.

Halloween LED Lights with Many Shapes

Halloween LED Lights

Halloween LED lights with many shapes are suitable for those who love the shimmer of lights. It also makes your decorating a lot easier. This model of led light has many shapes for you to choose from. Including white skull led lights, warm orange pumpkin led lights, candle lights, and more. These led lights are sure to bring your Halloween season to life. you a warm and happy space.


Above are the shopping trends for Halloween 2022, with suggestions for gifts and Halloween decorations as above. Hope to help you choose the most meaningful gift to give to your loved ones and enjoy the Halloween season. Wishing you a Halloween season filled with memorable memories!

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