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Best Wardrobe Designs for Bedrooms in 2022

A bedroom’s aesthetic beauty is not only due to its décor and design; wardrobe designs for bedrooms also contribute to its beauty. They give more space for organizing large as well as little stuff such as clothes, bed sheets, & curtains.

Nowadays, you can choose from a wide variety of materials in the market to design closets that are trendy in appearance and have an attractive wardrobe design with enough storage space.

Modular Wardrobes are basically a concept that can be customized in any way. They will make your ordinary cupboards a different and unique look.

You can choose from a variety of wardrobe designs for bedroom based on the materials being used and number of doors.

Wardrobe Designs for Lavish Bedrooms

  1. Sliding Doors Waxwing

Each side of the two-door waxwing sliding wardrobe has two sliding doors. It has a lot of shelves and drawers where hangers, clothes, and other accessories like wallets and belts could be kept. It looks to be really stylish from the outside, and everything is placed in an aesthetic manner inside.

As a result, you have more than enough of room to adequately organize your stuff. Choose Waxwing wardrobe if you want one of the top brands for sliding door wardrobes.

  1. Monal Wardrobe

The Monal Wardrobe is also another great wardrobe. It is not always the truth that a nice-looking thing is only offered at a higher price. Monal Wardrobe is a great example of a reasonable wardrobe design for bedroom. The handles on this six-door wardrobe are long and square in shape. The pull-out drawers are organized in a row after the shelves. Inside, there is a hanger area for your clothes.

Overall, it is a masterpiece of furniture design.

  1. Elevated Cupboard

This is a type of wardrobe that you can placed on top of the wardrobe wall in your bedroom. It takes up less space and provides significant storage for books, luggage, and other items. If someone is looking for small bedroom cupboard designs then this is the best option he can choose.

They can be set above the level of the bed, making it comfortable to use at any time.

  1. Vinyl Doors

This is a standard modern wardrobe seen in today’s apartments. This wardrobe’s doors are made of vinyl and are placed on tracks. They possess aluminum frames as well.

Vinyl wardrobes are both light and long-lasting. In your designer bedroom, these doors are really elegant.

  1. Multi-Panel Sliding Doors

This wardrobe’s doors are on tracks and have a silver framework. To give the bedroom a cool look, you can make use of various of colors on these doors.

Multi-panel sliding door wardrobes come with different customization choices.

  1. Vintage Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

Any owner of a bungalow, villa, or penthouse who reads this post will admire the idea of giving their bedroom a classic look. Look for some of the most recent bedroom wardrobe designs that are made following vintage conceptual design. If you live in a big city, go to shops selling vintage furniture and find wardrobe design ideas that are modern but yet gives the room a rich vintage look.

  1. Laminated Doors Cupboard

If you want a cupboard with doors that you can paint to reflect your style, laminated door cupboards are a great option. For a more classy finish, get your closet laminated with ply or timber.

You can paint any texture and design you like on the panels of these cupboards. The laminated wardrobe totally transforms the room’s layout. You won’t have to spend a lot of money on these because they are available at a reasonable price in the market.

  1. Mirror Doors

The other item on the list is a glass wardrobe that you can use in your bedroom. They have an elegant look and illuminate the entire room. Glass door wardrobes are economical and easy to handle.

One of the most major advantages of this type of wardrobe is that it makes the room look even bigger.

  1. Multi-functional Wardrobe

If you’re looking for modular wardrobe designs for your master bedroom and have a large wall that may be used for huge storage, a multi-functional wardrobe design is the best choice you’ll ever make! The major difference between this and a regular wardrobe is that the carpenter can simply include a TV unit, lockable storage for valuables, drawers, and some other features into the big wardrobe. This is an excellent alternative for wall wardrobe designs for bedrooms in India if you want to go out from classic patterns.

  1. Metal Doors

The bedroom is given a stunning look with a metallic touch on the wardrobe doors. The metal door wardrobe can be any shade that matches the curtain and bed sheets in the room.

They’re simple to put together on tracks. It also adds a significant amount of storage space.

  1. Opti-Panel Glass

This is a bedroom wardrobe made of antiques. It thoroughly covers the contents of the closet and provides the space a frosted glass effect.

Opti-panel glass wardrobe give your bedrooms designs a trendy look and can be combined with any shade of curtains, furniture, and bed sheets.

  1. Free Standing/Portable

A wooden or steel wardrobe can be used for this purpose. This simple wardrobe can store all of your clothes, books, and other stuff.

It can be used in any size bedroom. It’s a movable wardrobe that can be moved to another room.

  1. Sloped

You have the option of choosing a wardrobe closet for your bedroom. It can be made in a small space and provides extra storage.

A wardrobe can be built in the room above or below the closet.

  1. Hinge

This is a popular clothing style that has been around for quite some time. However, by attaching a metal or vinyl sliding door to the outer half of this basic wardrobe, you can turn it even more modern.

The empty space can then be covered with shelves and drawers to provide extra storage.

  1. Column Closet

If you have a little amount of space, a column closet can turn your problem into an advantage. It should be simple to modify in any room.

  1. Retro Closet

If you dream about antique or mid-century clothes, a retro closet is the perfect complement to your vintage-themed bedroom.

These are some of the excellent Wardrobe for Bedrooms Designs that you can use to add a unique element to your room.


Now, you can easily analyze which design you like the most and measure it against the available space in your room now that you know some of the best, modern wardrobe designs for a bedroom! A bedroom is one of the most private and personal rooms in the house, regardless of how big or small the house is, and wardrobes take up a lot of space in the room, so everyone should know which styles and designs are available and trendy in the market today!

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