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How To Reduce Your Calories Intake

Joseph Minetto, a health enthusiast who dedicated himself to an active lifestyle provides tips on how to reduce your calories intake.

Let’s talk about calories. They are not the hottest topic when it comes to weight loss and there are a lot of theories about how much calories you should take to reduce weight which is so confusing. But, here is the thing: all food does not contain the same calories, and reducing your calories without having to starve yourself is the best way to lose weight. “Replacing certain food and self-discipline plays an important role while reducing calories. says, Joseph Minetto

Calories are the energy we get from food after eating and the energy we use for our physical activities. Many people starve them self to lose weight. However, not only is it unpleasant, it is harmful to our health as the body needs all the nutrients to function properly. Research as shown that the more you starve yourself, the more the fat stored in your body becomes stubborn as your body fight to keep them. Therefore, the best way to start your weight loss journey is by reducing your calorie intake and making smart food choices.

Read on as Joseph Minetto takes you on a journey on how to reduce your calorie intake, and how to do so without depriving yourself.

Drink more water

A lot of people often mistake thirst for hunger, which makes you consume more calories when your body only needs water. Research as shown that drinking adequate water every day increases the number of calories you burn thereby increasing weight loss. The amount of water you drink and the timing also play an important role. Drinking water before every meal makes you fuller thus reducing the number of calories you eat.

Fill the gap with veggies

You can reduce your calorie intake by eating food that is high in fibers and low in fat such as healthy veggies. Joseph Minetto recommends eating veggies rich in stomach satisfying fibers and healthy nutrients to fill up the calories you miss. “Vegetables such as broccoli, green salad, cauliflower are low in calories relative to their volume. Always use them as a side dish, toppings, and fillings,” he says.

Eat more protein

As we all know, protein plays an important role in our body. Eating enough protein is a vital aspect of reducing your calorie intake without starving yourself. Having adequate clean protein in your diet makes you feel full and satisfied after eating. Clean protein such as egg, beans tofu plus healthy fat is a great combo to make you feel full and nourished. Studies as shown that protein helps fight your cravings, reduces appetite, thereby making you eat less.

Eat smaller portion

The amount of food you eat determines your calorie intake.  “A large portion of food leads to overeating,” says Joseph Minetto. People often eat want is in front of them instead of eating want makes them full.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise helps you to burn more calories and makes you keep fit. Incorporate both cardio and weight lifting exercise into your daily routine to keep your body healthy. Make sure your track your exercise to know the number of calories you burn every day in order calculate how much you can eat. Different apps are now available to help you track your progress.

Remove unnecessary calories

It is important to remove food and drink that are not nutritional to the body. Alcohol, junk food, and soda increase calorie intake in the body. Limiting processed food might just be the only thing you need.

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