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Pasture-Raised Eggs and Commercial Eggs, What Healthier?

Hi guys!

Today we’re talking little about eggs.
There is another question about eggs.
Is there a big difference between commercial eggs and pasture-raised eggs.
I’m not talking pasteurized eggs, pasture-raised weather out in the pasture, and green, and they’re eating grass.

Yes, there is a big difference.
Okay, first of all, commercial eggs factory farm chicken eggs long months of my omega-6 that’s inflammatory.

It could be a problem they’re fed GMO corn and GMO soy.
There’s also from El de hide in the feed it’s not good. Pasture-raised eggs much better higher omega-3 fatty acids anti-inflammatory, fed graph, if you get organic pasture-raised eggs which Dr.berg recommends.

So it’s about six bucks a dozen okay this is three dollars still it’s worth it for the extra money I mean the amount of work that a farmer has to do to raise these chickens and the eggs I mean it’s incredible.

So I’d rather support the farmer then try to support my illness down the road right in the hospital when I’m having problems.
High amounts of carotenoids, which are really important in the eye to help with the prostate, help with the heart help with your immune system, it is one of the richest sources of choline.

Guess what that’s for to prevent a fatty liver, so here you are, and that’s in the egg yolk, here you are consuming this fat from the egg yolk that is actually good for a fatty liver which is interesting it also has lecithin, so it has its own antidote for this cholesterol.
And by the way, the cholesterol in eggs is like is a precursor to making adrenal hormones for stress, so you need that it’s healthy.

There are no negative studies on pasture-raised eggs, causing any problems with your heart to zero at all.

Okay, alright, has all the fat-soluble vitamins vitamin A E dk2 is in the yolk, high amounts of leucine, which is good for muscle recovery, so if you’re working out, very good.

It has doubled the amount of vitamin e to commercial eggs by the mini that’s increasing your oxygen-carrying capacity. It’ll help you exercise longer helps just increase oxygen and muscle cramps, not only in the legs but in your heart as well.
It has 38% more concentrated vitamin A than commercial eggs too.

If you want to try to add some changes to your routine daily and try making a very nice egg recipe, I advise you to make egg rolls in your air fryer.

Delicious and so nice but you know… You need to try not to overdo it.

Some eggs health benefits:

Pasture-Raised Eggs And Commercial Eggs

Eggs are a high amount in folate, Vitamin A, proteins, vitamin E, and b12 and also have many other beneficial nutrients for your health, which the human body requires.

Beginning your day by consuming one egg can keep feeling full for a more extended period.
And as the egg has a high-society index, this could be one of the best ways to lose weight.
Vitamin D in eggs plays a vital role in strengthening the immune system and making the body more resistant to common ailments.

Nutrients existing in eggs are also can necessary for pregnant ladies as it can stop neural tube deficits and helps brain improvement in the fetus.

Make sure you eat whole grain and veggies or fruits with eggs to make a complete and healthy meal.

Proteins are developing blocks of new tissues and repair old ones, and eggs are sets to contain the highest quantity of proteins followed by milkfish and beef.

This means you can keep your hair bouncy and nails strong by consuming eggs regularly.
Eggs are healthy and aid in a healthy vision, just like spinach and broccoli extra deuce the chances of developing cataracts and age-related retina and lens degeneration.

Eggs are also replete with vitamin D, so this vitamin becomes essential for calcium absorption and even for maintaining bone health.
Eggs also can project eyes from the harmful UV rays.

Thanks, sir, or madam for reading!

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