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Impact Of COVID 19 On Edible Seaweeds Market

As the name suggests, edible seaweeds are like algae that grow on the sea and can be eaten or be used in the preparation of food. They are a good source of food to marine life and it has gain prominence in our kitchen due to its nutrients packed benefits. It is one of the best ways to boost your intake of vitamins and minerals. One other remarkable health benefits are the thyroid function. Seaweeds are very rich in iodine, a nutrient the human body cannot produce itself but required by the thyroid to function well and prevent hypothyroidism. It’s no surprise its market has skyrocketed in recent years.

However, the COVID19 pandemic does not only affect have our health, but also the food industry, economy, and every aspect of our lives. This has brought a huge change in the market including the seaweeds. While a few industries have been hit the hardest by the pandemic and experience a downturn, some industries keep soaring higher and seem unscathed by the crisis.  How does the COVID 19 impacts the seaweeds Market? Here, Emerald Corp, a renowned wholesale company in dietary supplements and beauty industry explores the impact of COVID 19 on edible seaweed. This analysis provides an overview of the current market scenario and the latest trends and drivers amidst the pandemic.

This analysis is to help clients and customers keep up with the new development and product launches in the markets, upcoming vaccines, and how seaweed is beating the remdesivir in blocking COVID 19. Shop Emerald Corp for all your seaweed pharma edibles and even become an affiliate.

Seaweed: the fastest-growing sector

The global seaweed market has an estimated total value of $4,097.93 million in 2017 and is expected to reach $9,075.65 million by 2024. Its exponential growth can be attributed to the growing awareness of its numerous benefits and its usage in various cuisines. It all started off as food or food ingredients in major countries like China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Korea, and Japan. Today, it has expanded to other developed countries such as South America, Europe, the US as people migrate from one country to another. These edible marine algae do not only help with thyroid health but also weight loss, digestion, gut health, and many more. It comes with many minerals required for the overall functioning of the body.

Seaweed has also found its usefulness in additives of animal feeds, fertilizers, aquaculture, biofuels, and wastewater treatments. Not to ignore the fact that various cosmetic products now have it written on their label that the lotions or creams contain marine extract”, “extract of alga”, “seaweed extract.”. This denotes these products contain hydrocolloids, a substance extracted from seaweed. All these are what contributed to the rapid growth of seaweed over the years and boost its growth over the forecast period.

Adoption of seaweeds by a pharmaceutical company in preparing medicine and supplements

End users industries such as pharmaceutical companies have also delved into the world of seaweed. It is used in drug development, as a stabilizer in liquid orals, and cosmetics as well.  Many types of seaweeds contain powerful anti-inflammatory, anticoagulant, anti-cancer, and microbial agents which has been used for thousand years ago for the treatment of wound rashes and even cancer. Seaweeds have received huge attention with its potentials to treat the tumour, leukemia, and many other therapeutic roles in the prevention of disease.

Efficacy of seaweed in blocking COVID 19

Amidst the quest to find a vaccine for the novel coronavirus, an extract from edible seaweed has been discovered to match the efficacy of remdesivir, the first major antiviral drug. Since the infection start from the nose, the extracts from the seaweed, called RPI-27, can help trap the infection before it attacks the human cells. This could help in blocking the viral infection and also contribute to the growth of the seaweeds.

Emerald corp has a range of seaweed pharma edible required for optimal health. Shop Emerald corp for all your COVID 19 related and non-COVID 19 products.

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