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Modernising Vintage Clothes Into Modern Staples

Garments or the clothes worn by us play a key role in shaping our overall personalities. After all, the overall appearance of a person is greatly affected by the type of attire he/she chooses. With changing times, the trend for clothing for people of all age groups and genders also changes. Vintage clothing has always been in fashion in one way or the other. The charm and appeal of vintage clothing are such that most people are in love with the same. In the present day modernized world, you can modernize the vintage clothes into modern staples with the help of embroidered patches or similar other options available around. Here are some of the great ideas on the list.

Opt for embroidery on vintage clothes

In order to modernize the vintage clothing, you may prefer using embroidered patches over it. There are so many designs and color options to choose from when it comes to these patches. Using an appealing patch with awesome embroidery over it may make all the difference for your attire.

Prefer using garments with a tinge of modernity

Definitely, you have so many options to choose from when it comes to selection of the vintage clothing. There are numerous attires, clothes, or dresses that already have an element of modernity in them. Such garments may be chosen and blended by you with some of the latest collection of the dresses from your wardrobe.

Be careful about the color combinations

Since you are trying to modernize the vintage clothing, therefore, it is important to be careful about the color combinations of your attires or dresses. Plain white and similar other standard and sober colors are an essential part of the vintage modern wardrobe.

Printed garments are a nice option

Beautiful and appealing prints have always been an important part of vintage clothing. Hence you may prefer choosing some nice prints for your dresses and combine the same with some plain and elegant colored dresses. It makes an incredible combination and makes you look distinct.

Small pieces of vintage clothing may help a lot

Just using small pieces of vintage clothing such as embroidered or printed scarf around your neck or a shrug over your plain modernized dress may also help you serve your purpose well.

This way you can very easily modernize the vintage clothing and look astoundingly trendy and impressive. In fact, it is the best way to steal attention from all around you. 

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