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I’m the Queen in This Life Spoiler

Lefaljinf writes and illustrates ‘I’m the Queen in This Life,’ a digital comic on WEBTOON. The story follows Arielle, a young woman reborn as the queen of a powerful kingdom. However, she swiftly discovers that being queen entails more than she anticipated. Arielle must navigate the treacherous world of politics and intrigue while also seeking love and happiness.

Arielle – A Resilient Protagonist

The comic boasts beautiful illustrations, featuring stunning artwork that vividly brings Arielle’s world to life. It also presents well-developed and relatable characters, and the story is replete with twists and turns that will keep readers on the edge of their seats

One of the things that makes I’m the Queen in This Life so special is its strong female lead. Arielle is a complex and well-rounded character who is not afraid to stand up for herself and what she believes in. She is also fiercely independent and intelligent, making her a role model for readers of all ages.

Themes of Empowerment and Self-Discovery

I’m the Queen in This Life also explores important themes such as female empowerment, self-discovery, and the importance of finding your own path in life. Arielle’s journey as queen is one of self-growth and transformation, and it is inspiring to see her overcome challenges and become the best version of herself.

In addition to its strong female lead and compelling story, “I’m the Queen in This Life” presents a diverse cast of characters, develops a romantic subplot skillfully, and maintains a well-balanced mix of humor and drama. Overall, this comic is a must-read for fans of fantasy romance, strong female leads, and comics with beautiful artwork.

Unveil the story’s secrets

Im the Queen in This Life Spoiler

Here’s a sneak peek into pivotal chapters:

Chapters 1 to 10:

  • Chapter 1: Arielle wakes up in a strange bed, with no memory of how she got there. She soon learns that she has been reborn as the queen of the Etruscan Kingdom.
  • Chapter 2: Arielle’s Encounter with Queen Margaret: A Cruel and Ambitious Stepmother
  • Chapter 3: Arielle tries to assert her authority as queen, but Queen Margaret sabotages her efforts.
  • Chapter 4: Arielle meets her childhood friend, Cesare, for the first time since she was reborn. She realizes that she has feelings for him, but she is hesitant to act on them because of the political implications.
  • Chapter 5: Arielle begins to make changes to the kingdom, such as reforming the tax system and improving the lives of the common people.
  • Chapter 6: Arielle’s popularity with the people grows, which makes Queen Margaret even more paranoid.
  • Chapter 7: Arielle and Cesare begin to work together more closely, and their relationship deepens.
  • Chapter 8: Cesare’s father, the king of the neighboring kingdom, disapproves of their relationship.
  • Chapter 9: Queen Margaret tries to poison Arielle, but Cesare saves her.
  • Chapter 10: Arielle realizes that she must be more careful if she wants to survive Queen Margaret’s plots.

Chapters 11 to 20:

  • Chapter 11: Arielle visits a village that has been affected by a drought. She promises to help the villagers, but Queen Margaret tries to stop her.
  • Chapter 12: Arielle learns that Queen Margaret is planning to assassinate her. She and Cesare work together to prevent the assassination.
  • Chapter 13: Arielle discovers that she has magical powers. She begins to learn how to control her powers and use them to help her people.
  • Chapter 14: Arielle and Cesare’s relationship deepens, but they must keep it a secret from Queen Margaret.
  • Chapter 15: Queen Margaret tries to frame Arielle for a crime she didn’t commit. Arielle is arrested and put on trial.
  • Chapter 16: Arielle is found guilty of the crime and sentenced to death. However, she escapes with the help of Cesare and her friends.
  • Chapter 17: Arielle and Cesare go into hiding. They travel to the neighboring kingdom, where they are welcomed by Cesare’s father.
  • Chapter 18: Arielle and Cesare attend a ball at the neighboring kingdom. Arielle meets a mysterious stranger who tells her that she is the chosen one.
  • Chapter 19: Arielle and Cesare return to the Etruscan Kingdom. They begin to plan how to overthrow Queen Margaret.
  • Chapter 20: Arielle and Cesare launch their attack against Queen Margaret. They are successful in overthrowing her, but Arielle is injured in the battle.

Chapters 21 to 30:

  • Chapter 21: Arielle recovers from her injuries and begins to rule the Etruscan Kingdom. She faces opposition from some of the nobles, who are still loyal to Queen Margaret.
  • Chapter 22: Arielle learns that Queen Margaret is alive and has fled to the neighboring kingdom. She also learns that Queen Margaret is planning to attack the Etruscan Kingdom with the help of the neighboring kingdom.
  • Chapter 23: Arielle and Cesare work together to prepare for Queen Margaret’s attack. They also began to build alliances with other kingdoms.
  • Chapter 24: Queen Margaret launches her attack on the Etruscan Kingdom. Arielle and Cesare lead the army to defend the kingdom.
  • Chapter 25: The battle between the two kingdoms is fierce. Arielle and Cesare use their magical powers to help their army win.
  • Chapter 26: Queen Margaret is defeated and captured. Arielle is victorious, but she is also saddened by the loss of life on both sides.
  • Chapter 27: Arielle begins to rebuild the Etruscan Kingdom. She is also working to heal the wounds caused by the war.
  • Chapter 28: Arielle and Cesare’s relationship deepens. They are both committed to each other and to the future of the Etruscan Kingdom.
  • Chapter 29: Arielle receives a prophecy that she will be the one to unite the two kingdoms. She is unsure of what the prophecy means, but she is determined to fulfill it.
  • Chapter 30: Arielle meets with the king of the neighboring kingdom to discuss peace between the two kingdoms. They agree to work together to build a better future for their people.

Chapters 31 to 40:

  • Chapter 31: Arielle and Cesare begin to work on uniting the two kingdoms. They face opposition from both sides, but they are determined to succeed.
  • Chapter 32: Arielle and Cesare travel to the neighboring kingdom to meet with the king. They discuss their plans for unification, and the king agrees to give them his support.
  • Chapter 33: Arielle and Cesare return to the Etruscan Kingdom and begin to implement their plans. They started by working to improve communication and trade between the two kingdoms.
  • Chapter 34: Arielle and Cesare also work to address the concerns of the people. They listen to their grievances and try to find solutions.
  • Chapter 35: Arielle and Cesare’s efforts begin to pay off. The people of the two kingdoms started to see the benefits of unification.
  • Chapter 36: Nevertheless, there remain individuals who oppose the idea of unification. They try to sabotage Arielle and Cesare’s efforts.
  • Chapter 37: Arielle and Cesare encounter numerous challenges, but their determination to succeed drives them forward. They collaborate closely to surmount opposition and unite the two kingdoms.
  • Chapter 38: Arielle and Cesare finally succeed in uniting the two kingdoms. They are crowned the king and queen of the new united kingdom.
  • Chapter 39: Arielle and Cesare rule the United Kingdom wisely and justly. They work to improve the lives of their people and make the kingdom a better place for everyone.
  • Chapter 40: Arielle and Cesare’s love for each other grows stronger with each passing day. They are a united team, and they are committed to building a better future for their people.

Chapters 41 to 47:

  • Chapter 41: Arielle and Cesare face a new challenge: a mysterious plague that is spreading throughout the kingdom.
  • Chapter 42: Arielle and Cesare work together to find a cure for the plague. They also work to care for the sick and dying.
  • Chapter 43: Arielle Unearths the Magical Curse Linking to Her Past Life
  • Chapter 44: Arielle and Cesare work together to break the curse. They also work to protect the kingdom from the plague.
  • Chapter 45: Arielle and Cesare successfully break the curse and cure the plague, ultimately saving the kingdom.
  • Chapter 46: Arielle and Cesare Earn Heroic Recognition Their love for each other grows stronger with each passing day.
  • Chapter 47: Arielle and Cesare begin to plan for the future of the kingdom. They want to create a kingdom where everyone is equal and where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Latest chapters: I’m the Queen in This Life

The latest chapter in this comic series is Chapter 52, which was unveiled on October 23, 2023.

Chapter 48: The Queen’s Decision

Arielle had a lot to think about. She had to decide whether to stay in the palace and fight for her throne or to flee and try to live a normal life. She knew that if she stayed, she would be in danger from her enemies. But she also knew that she was the rightful Queen and that she had a duty to her people.

In the end, Arielle decided to stay. She knew that it would be dangerous, but she also knew that it was the right thing to do. She was the Queen, and she would not abandon her people.

Arielle began to make preparations for her coronation. She knew that it would be a dangerous time, but she was determined to go through with it. She also knew that she needed to find allies who would help her to protect her throne.

Chapter 49: The Coronation

Arielle’s coronation was a beautiful and moving ceremony. She was crowned Queen by the Archbishop of the Church of the Holy Grail. In her coronation speech, Arielle vowed to rule her kingdom with fairness and justice. She also vowed to protect her people from their enemies.

Arielle’s coronation was a day of celebration for the people of Arvenia. They were proud to have a young and beautiful Queen who was also intelligent and capable. They knew that she would be a good ruler.

Chapter 50: The Queen’s First Challenge

Arielle’s first challenge as Queen came from her uncle, King Marcus. Marcus was a cruel and ambitious man. He had always wanted to rule Arvenia himself, and he was not happy that Arielle had become Queen.

Marcus began to plot against Arielle. He tried to win over the support of the nobles and the army. He also tried to spread rumors about Arielle, saying that she was unfit to be Queen.

Arielle was aware of Marcus’s plots, but she was not afraid. She knew that she had the support of the people, and she was determined to defeat her uncle.

Chapter 51: The Battle of Arvenia

Marcus eventually decided to attack Arielle’s forces. He gathered a large army and marched on the capital city of Arvenia. Arielle’s army was smaller, but they were better trained and equipped.

The Battle of Arvenia was a long and bloody battle. In the end, Arielle’s forces were victorious. The Battle claimed Marcus’s life, and his army suffered defeat.

Chapter 52: The Queen’s Triumph

Arielle’s victory at the Battle of Arvenia was a major triumph. She had defeated her uncle and secured her position as Queen. The people of Arvenia rejoiced. They celebrated Arielle’s victory and her reign as Queen.

Arielle continued to rule Arvenia with wisdom and compassion. She was a beloved Queen, and her people were grateful for her leadership.

A Glimpse into Future Chapters

Im the Queen in This Life Spoiler
Image Source: Webtoons

Here’s are the “I’m the Queen in This Life” Spoiler:

Chapters 53 to 56:

  • Chapter 53: Arielle and Cesare continue to work to improve the lives of their people. They introduce new laws and programs to help the poor and the sick.
  • Chapter 54: Arielle and Cesare also work to promote peace and cooperation with other kingdoms. They believe that everyone should live together in harmony.
  • Chapter 55: Arielle and Cesare’s kingdom serves as a model for other kingdoms to follow. They exemplify what people can achieve when they work together and strive for a better future.
  • Chapter 56: Arielle and Cesare enjoy a fulfilling and prosperous life together. They garnered immense love and respect from their subjects, leaving an indelible legacy as the most revered rulers in the kingdom’s history.

Chapters 57 to 100:

  • Chapters 57-70: Arielle faces a heart-wrenching decision between Cesare and Raphael, the prince of a neighboring kingdom. Raphael is kind and gentle, but Cesare is intelligent and ambitious. Arielle struggles to make a decision, but she ultimately chooses Cesare.
  • Chapter 71-80: Arielle and Cesare marry, and Arielle becomes pregnant. However, Queen Margaret is far from finished She tries to kill Arielle and her unborn child. Arielle narrowly escapes death, but she loses her child.
  • Chapters 81-90: Arielle experiences profound grief and sorrow following the loss of her child. She blames herself for not being able to protect her. Cesare tries to comfort her, but she pushes him away.
  • Chapter 91-100: Arielle finally decides to confront Queen Margaret. She exposes Queen Margaret’s crimes to the people and has her arrested. Arielle then begins to rebuild the kingdom and make it a better place for everyone.

The narrative is still unfolding, but there is confirmation that Arielle and Cesare will embark on the journey of parenthood as the story progresses.


“I’m the Queen in This Life” beautifully illustrates and skillfully explores important themes such as female empowerment, self-discovery, and the significance of finding your own path in life. The story is full of twists and turns, and the characters are complex and relatable. Arielle is a strong and inspiring female lead, and her journey as queen is one of self-growth and transformation.

I’m the Queen in This Life: A Must-Read for Fans of Fantasy Romance, Strong Female Leads, and Beautiful Artwork

‘I’m the Queen in This Life’ highlights a diverse cast of characters, expertly develops a romantic subplot, and maintains a delicate balance between humor and drama. Overall, fans of fantasy romance, strong female leads, and comics with stunning artwork will find it a must-read.

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