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Why Watching Movies are Important?

The weekend’s coming, there’s popcorn kernels back home ready to be popped, the couch in the living room used for siestas is about to go through a transformation and become a brand new cinema theater. A relaxing and unwinding movie night can be looked forward to, with memories in the making. Be it time for a horror sleepover movie that would on the contrary freak the daylights out of them, a documentary on your favorite sport, the biopic of an interesting personality, just a rom-com with some drinks with friends, or a magical Disney experience with children, movies have always been something out’- of-the-world. You visit places that couldn’t possibly exist, visit ferocious beasts and graceful fairy folk at the same time, and meet characters that you wish could come to life… or not.

Whatever, it may be we absolutely LOVE movies and our Bollywood insider, Madhu Mantena loves them too. And, that is exactly why, he is here to tell you how realistically beneficial movies can be. Oh, and yeah, you can use the points as an excuse for the time you binge watched your favorite show instead of completing those reports. Might as well throw in a DVD for the bargain!

All the magic a movie can bring in:

1. Social Education and Change

Movies have always been a way to get a message across the public media says Bollywood producer, Madhu Mantena. Since movies are watched by everyone, they often serve as the best way to break stereotypes, renew mindsets, introduce ideas and promote social causes. The famous movie ‘Dangal’ promoted gender equality and women empowerment in such a raw way, it made everyone’s eyes pop put. The classic gold, ‘3 Idiots’ spoke the message of student life pressure so well, it often gets quoted for exposing the sad reality of our education system. This very way, you can educate yourself well on topics you may have confused opinions about. And if not that, it’s always a good time to kidnap that one creepy dude from the office tape his eyes open for a good ol’ featuring of Pink.

2. A To-Be-Remembered Learning Experience

Believe this or not, but there are so many instances when people learnt things from movies rather than the tradition old textbook from school. And in addition to that, there’s just so much our education doesn’t even cover. War survivor documentaries that bring out unknown mysteries, draw away the curtain from real raw facts, Real life event inspired biopics that educate you about the life of a significant personality whose existence is essential to be studied and so much more.

3. Psychology Reasons

You know that time when you just wanted to put all your work aside and just enjoy a classic old movie or just spend some family time relaxing and unwinding with family with an old sitcom binge. Well, all those things have a scientific purpose. Watching your favorite movie or series helps relieve stress and help you calm your senses after a tough time. So many films have helped people to relate to a character and feel emotions, gain empathy, face fears and other things.

4. Memories In Making

All the nights binging with your significant other, that animated cartoon movie with the kids, college bunking theater trips, yup. All of them are now memories for you to cherish forever. Movies are a social experience, one to be enjoyed

Hope you had fun reading that!  Best wishes from Mr. Madhu Mantena!

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