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5 Tips For A Practising Pharmacist

So you have finally finished pharmaceutical college, Congratulations! Now it’s time to launch into a promising career and explore what’s ahead. Being a pharmacist, however, can be exciting as well as challenging.

As a pharmacist, you are working in one of the most highly respected industries that are helping to cater to people’s lives. Note also that any mistake or error in the medication prescribed can be fatal for the patients.

Hence, as a new pharmacist, you might discover the journey ahead can be full of ups and downs. To ensure a seamless journey, we spoke to Yostus Hanna, the Senior Business Development Manager of Clifford Hallam Healthcare for expert tips to carry on. Keep reading!

Valuable Tips For A Practising Pharmacist Are:

1. A Pharmacist should have customer-centric care approach

The first and most important thing is to know how to provide customer-centric services to your clients. This includes taking into consideration patients’ values, preferences, and needs, and tailoring your services accordingly. You don’t have to always stick by what you are being taught in school, neither should you be too focused on your pockets. Ensure you are building a healthy relationship first that will make your patients feel respectable, heard, and cared for. Make this your priority and you will find yourself at the top of the ladder in no time. After all, patients will only want to be associated with pharmacists who make their well-being their concern.

2. Successful pharmacist knows the motto “never stop learning”

This is a mantra that should become a part of you. The industry is always changing with new technologies, techniques, and new medications transforming the landscape. Keeping abreast of these trends can always set you apart from the rest of the pack. Moreover, there’s a lot that comes with being a pharmacist and there will always be new challenges to tackle. This means you will always have to learn every day. Never limit your knowledge to the four walls of the college.

3. Network Network Network

Considering the nature of your career, it might be difficult to learn every day and stay up to date with information. Attending conferences, becoming a part of a community, reading monthly journals and many more can also keep you informed about the latest in the industry. Another thing that can help you is to never forget the place of networking. Attend conferences and mingle with people of like-mind. Build meaningful relationships that will not only help you in reaching your personal goals but also your career goals. Whether it’s experienced pharmacists or new practitioners, networking is a great avenue to launch you into a successful career.

4. Own up to mistakes and learn from it

Although pharmacist are doing their best to save lives, yet mistakes sometimes happen. However, when mistakes happen, be quick to own up to your mistakes. Your colleagues and patients will be pleasantly surprised that you did and it will portray you as a person of integrity. “Besides, don’t let mistakes deter you from pressing on. Identify your mistakes, learn from them and move on. Those are life-changing lessons that classrooms wouldn’t teach you, Yostus Hanna says.

5. Give back to others

Although being a leader in this field might take a while, there is nothing wrong with building yourself for this role. Pass on your knowledge and experience to upcoming Pharmacists. Look out for schools and colleges and add value to students’ lives. Lead others and be a good leader that is worthy of emulation.

Being a pharmacist might not be all rosy, but it’s all fulfilling in the end. These tips provided by Yostus Hanna will help you navigate your career successfully.

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