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CLAT Preparation- Crack Law Entrance for NLU Admission

Cracking the CLAT test is a highly coveted dream for most aspiring lawyers. It is being sought by many but accomplished by a very small community of people.

There is no hard and fast rule to Prepare and excel in CLAT, provided you have the right preparation strategy, discipline, and adequate preparation with the knowledge about the new CLAT pattern.

Preparation for the CLAT Exam 2020 test is one of the challenges for the students studying for the board exams and other post-12th level entrances. To seek admission to law colleges, it is undeniably necessary to score a good percentile in the CLAT entrance exam. If you plan your schedule according to your school, take classes, prepare for your boards and save about 1-2 hours a day and a little more time during the weekend(plus some time to read the newspaper) then it’s manageable.

Section-wise preparation tips

According to the sample paper provided by the CLAT, it’s pretty obvious that most of the questions are going to be comprehension based and therefore the paper is going to be a bit longer this year.

The basic thing to attempt comprehension based questions with ease is to read a lot of newspaper articles, editorials, etc, but the important question is how to read them? Because continuously reading and reading is not going to help you. While reading you have to have to keep in mind the subject for which you are reading that passage.

  • English

When you are practicing reading comprehension questions it’s important to identify the possible questions that are likely to come. For example, in reading comprehension questions there will be a question based on inference or theme-based questions or questions on a particular word. While reading, underline the important things and try to think about the theme and interference because when you read and think simultaneously about the possible questions you will become more clear and confident while attempting the question. This will also help you save a lot of time.

  • Quantitative Aptitude

For quantitative aptitude practice paragraphs, sample papers, and also the basic concepts of maths till 10th standard. CLAT has clearly specified in their syllabus that you should still be able to solve basic maths problems and Concepts till 10th standard and also have given questions in their sample paper. Two to three Conceptual maths questions will be very critical in deciding your rank.

  • Critical Reasoning

When practicing for critical reasoning don’t try to solve GMAT and CAT questions as they have a different pattern, therefore, they are not going to help you in your preparation. In CLAT Sample paper CR questions consist of a paragraph followed by four to five questions whereas GMAT/CAT questions are followed by a single question. When reading the newspaper, identify the type of article whether it is fact-based which gives information(used in G.K) or editorial in which the author gives an opinion about a particular law or act. Make it a habit to underline these things and try to think what will be the possible assumption and conclusion the author is making.

  • Legal Reasoning

For legal reasoning, you should know about the laws which are currently in discussion and that to month wise. when reading newspapers look for policies, acts, bills, judgments, etc and think of possible questions related to them as when a question related to a similar law comes in the exam you will feel confident and will be able to attempt it easily.

  • General Knowledge

Read the fact-based articles and make notes on them. Read the passage in a time-bound manner as in the exam you would have to read all the passages in a prescribed time.

CLAT Online Coaching

CLAT isn’t that hard to crack with the right approach, but it’s best to join coaching for regularity and consistency during the preparation process.

With the country on lockdown for the last few weeks due to the current coronavirus pandemic, the offline route wouldn’t be a safe choice.

Since the test is around the corner, the preparation must not stop. Along these lines, one must favor online classes from top resources or brands.

CLAT online coaching courses are ideal for shaping your skills to score high in your exam and provide ways to improve your learning skills with professional training facilities to ensure the best possible results.

Before selecting any of the CLAT online coachings, you should consider the following aspects that I have mentioned below :

  • Difficulty Level of the mock test – The standard of the paper should be comparable to the previous year examinations, that can be reviewed by attempting the free test before buying.
  • Classroom Environment and Doubt Clearing Sessions- NATA Coaching should be to provide you with the personalized learning experience and allow interactions between aspirants & teachers with live doubt clearing sessions to resolve every single doubt you may have, that can be reviewed by Viewing the free demo lecture before buying.
  • Personalized mentoring-1-to-1 regular interaction sessions with expert mentors to keep you motivated during preparations.
  • The number of tests – to practice, you will have to solve multiple Test Series so you can have a good grasp of different kinds of questions. “Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.”
  • Preparation Material – check whether they are providing proper drawing materials and notes.
  • Analysis after the Test – check Whether the analysis includes different constraints like the time you invested in different sections, information about your strengths and weaknesses.

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