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Inspiring Excellence – Andre A. Hakkak and Shipman’s Entrepreneurial Story

In the ever-evolving landscape of global finance, where the stakes are high and the competition fierce, individuals like Andre A. Hakkak emerge as trailblazers, reshaping the industry with their unparalleled expertise and visionary leadership. As the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of White Oak Global Advisors, LLC (WOGA), Hakkak’s journey embodies a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to innovation that has left an indelible mark on the financial world.

The Early Foundations: Education and Ambition

Andre A. Hakkak trajectory into the realm of finance was propelled by a solid academic foundation and an innate drive for success. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from the esteemed UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, Hakkak honed his skills in finance and marketing, laying the groundwork for a career characterized by groundbreaking achievements and transformative leadership.

Shaping White Oak’s Success

Andre Hakkak tenure at White Oak Global Advisors spans over a decade, during which he has played instrumental roles in steering the firm to new heights of success. Since 2007, he has served as co-portfolio manager and a key member of the Investment Committee, overseeing the strategic deployment of capital and driving the firm’s expansion into diverse product lines. Under his guidance, White Oak has emerged as a leading alternative debt manager, deploying over $8 billion in assets and forging enduring partnerships with clients worldwide.

Visionary Leadership: Pioneering Innovation

Prior to his tenure at White Oak, Andre A. Hakkak demonstrated his visionary leadership as the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Alpine Global, Inc. Here, he pioneered investment strategies in alternative fixed income and real estate, challenging conventional wisdom and setting new benchmarks for innovation within the industry.

His ability to identify emerging trends and navigate complex financial landscapes propelled Alpine Global to the forefront of the market, cementing Hakkak’s reputation as a pioneering force in finance. Additionally, Andre A. Hakkak role as Founder and Portfolio Manager at Suisse Global Investments showcased his capacity to craft bespoke investment solutions tailored to the unique needs of clients across the globe.

By leveraging his deep understanding of international markets and his strategic acumen, he established Suisse Global as a trusted advisor, earning accolades for his innovative approach to wealth management and asset allocation.

The Partnership with Marissa Shipman

Beyond his professional achievements, Hakkak’s recent acquisition of a Gables Estates mansion alongside his wife, Marissa Shipman, symbolizes a testament to their shared success and entrepreneurial spirit. Shipman, the founder and CEO of theBalm Cosmetics, brings her own brand of innovation and creativity to the partnership, complementing Andre A. Hakkak financial expertise with her achievements in the cosmetics industry.

Marissa Shipman: Empowering Beauty and Entrepreneurship

Marissa Shipman, CEO of theBalm Cosmetics based in San Francisco, leads a renowned makeup company known for its top-tier products. TheBalm takes pride in its premium makeup, featuring talc-free powders and cruelty-free practices, sold globally in over 100 countries. Shipman’s journey began with a homemade lip balm venture, evolving into a thriving cosmetics empire over 15 years.

Under her leadership, theBalm offers an extensive product line, showcasing Shipman’s innovative vision. As CEO, Shipman oversees product development, strategic marketing, and social media engagement, ensuring theBalm maintains its industry leadership.

Beyond business, Shipman contributes to the community as a board member of Project Glimmer, empowering girls and women across the U.S. Shipman’s ascent underscores the power of dedication and ethical business practices, inspiring others to pursue their passions while making a positive impact worldwide.

Marissa Shipman instagram account (@themarissashipman) with 1,883 followers.


In the bustling metropolis of Miami, amidst the towering skyscrapers and bustling streets, Andre A. Hakkak and Marissa Shipman stand as beacons of excellence and innovation, shaping the future of finance and beauty with their visionary leadership and unwavering dedication.

Their journeys, marked by perseverance, creativity, and a commitment to ethical business practices, serve as inspirations for aspiring professionals and industry leaders alike. As they continue to chart new territories and push the boundaries of their respective fields, their legacies will endure as testaments to the power of innovation and the pursuit of excellence in an ever-changing world.

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