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3 Singapore work permit options for professionals

If you are looking for a new location to find you career opportunities then Singapore is the place for you. It offers many job opportunities and a Singapore work permit to all individuals from all over the world. Since Singapore houses the biggest corporations from all kinds of sectors, there are many job openings.

Singapore has always been the favorite of big companies because it implements business-friendly laws and policies. It was even named as the most open-market economy back in 2020. However, since Singapore is relatively small compared to its neighboring countries, local residents cannot meet the demand of the workforce. They lack the number of professionals to fulfill or work in Singaporean registered companies. So. Singapore tries to attract foreign individuals by giving easy work visa procedures. 

If you are interested in working in Singapore, it is important that you acquire a work permit Singapore pass so that you can reap all the benefits. All kinds of foreign workers from different academic backgrounds are welcome as long as you qualify for the kind of job that you are applying for. If you are a working professional and want to apply for a work visa in Singapore here are the three visas that you can choose from. 

1. Employment pass

The first kind of work permit Singapore pass that you can apply for is the employment pass. This type of work visa is available for foreign nationals that have a job offer in Singapore. These job offers should be on the level of executive, managerial, or directorial positions. An individual who has a specialized job offer can also qualify for the environment pass.

These individuals should have a valid passport from their country of origin and it should be valid during the validity of their work permit Singapore pass. All candidates should also be at least 18 years old or of legal age to be allowed to work in Singapore. 

An individual must have a university degree to qualify for this work visa. Singapore gives priority to those who have certificates relevant to the job that you’re applying for. They should also be earning at least SGD4500 at the date of their application. Their sponsor company or employer should be the one to apply for it if an individual wants an employment pass. 

One of the benefits of an employment pass all day is that they can bring the family along in Singapore. A dependent pass is given to legally married spouses and their children under the age of 21. While long-term visitation passes are given to common-law spouses and step-children under the age of 21. If you are an individual interested in applying for the employment pass then you can use the self-assessment tool to figure out if you are qualified for it.

2. S pass

If the employment pass is intended for workers that are in higher job positions, the S pass is for mid-skilled workers. Examples of mid-skilled positions are truck drivers, flight attendants, bartenders, taxi drivers, and security guards. 

As long as an individual is of legal age and has a valid passport they can apply for the S pass work visa. This type of work permit Singapore pass doesn’t require them to have a university degree. The Singaporean government considers a diploma worth at least a year of academic study. This is given that the diploma is relevant to the job that they are applying for.

When it comes to salary, a candidate for the S pass work visa should be earning at least $2,500 when they apply. As S pass holders, they are entitled to medical insurance from their employers. In addition, just like the employment pass holders, their relatives are also entitled to apply for a visa. 

3. Personalised employment pass

This type of work permit Singapore pass is intended for individuals that are already employment pass holders. They can upgrade their visa as long as they meet the necessary requirements. One of the requirements is that the candidate should have at least a $16,000 monthly salary.

The personalized employment pass is just like the employment pass with additional benefits. Foreign workers in Singapore are not allowed to be out of a job. They would be forced to go back to their country of origin once this happens.

However, if you are a personalized employment pass holder you can stay in Singapore for up to six months without a job. You also wouldn’t have to require your employer to apply for a new work visa for you. The personalized employment pass would be good for any kind of job as long as it is valid. 

Other types


The employment permit Singapore passes mentioned above are for workers are who have a sponsor company. You can apply for an EntrePass if you want to incorporate your business in Singapore.

Entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to expand their business in Singapore as long as it is venture-backed or has technological advancements that are beneficial. Entrepreneurs can apply for this kind of work visa if they have a company that is already incorporated or will be incorporated in Singapore. However, Singapore does not allow business owners to apply for this kind of work permit Singapore pass if their company is already incorporated for more than six months. 

Dependent pass

This work permit Singapore pass is issued to relatives of employment pass holders. Eligible relatives are also given the chance to work within Singapore. Their employer is not required to apply for a work visa. The sponsor company should just submit a letter of consent on behalf of the family member to be able to work in Singapore. 

Apply today

The Singaporean economy offers many benefits, which is why many foreign individuals want to migrate here. If you are one of these individuals it is highly advisable that you have an agency to help you apply for the right kind of visa. Renai Group is a trusted agency that has brought many foreign talents to Singapore. You can contact us today to know more about our services.

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