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What you need to Understand about Bankex

Cryptocurrency is a hub of so many crypto terminologies which is important to be known. If you are newly introduced to this digital world, then you need to grasp as much knowledge about it. And if you are interested in knowing about the current development that is taking place in the crypto world, then you need to be abreast of the latest cryptocurrency news. Starting from digital currencies like Bitcoin, altcoins, blockchain, crypto market, crypto exchanges, ICO, airdrop, and various other terms. Today we will let you know about Bankex, which is also related to the crypto world. But do you know about it? Well, no need to scratch your head, as we are going to tell you about it.

Understanding About Bankex

To know about Bankex, you need to understand that it is an organization aiming to reorganize the capital markets with PoA (Proof of Asset). The main objective of this firm is to introduce a blockchain ecosystem facilitated with tokenization in giving digital bank services. BaaS (Bank as a Service) is supposed to be its prime model. This platform lets the users in the online management of assets on the blockchain network. Founded in 2009, Bankex is headed by Igor Khmel. 

The brewing differences between the banking sector and fintech soon came to an end with the idea of Bankex’s founder, Khmel. Bankex plays an important role by instituting blockchain in its system. Without causing any disruption between either sector, this platform fills the gap in a very smart way. Bankex is the result of the foundation not only by Igor Khmel but also with the help of developers of blockchain and team of ex-bankers. 

What Are The Benefits Of Bankex?

After grasping a brief knowledge about Bankex, now let us drive our attention to its benefits. In concern to the process of asset tokenization, this platform fulfils its objective with the amalgamation of technologies. The process of tokenization involves multiple steps including price calculation, description, calculation of cash flows, asset description, and audit. All these are done with the help of technologies like BestRate Chatbot, IoT Blockchain Integration Adapter, Crypto Hedge Trading, and Multicurrency Token Sale Engine.

Apart from it, also works for several purposes for the development by using the services of Microsoft Azure. Now, what are these development purposes? These are:

App Service Plan: This is among the important development service while knowing about Bankex. Coming to the use, the platform enables the hosting of the products of the Bankex by the users. It is also being protected from online attacks. The platform is efficiently managed by the team. 

Visual Studio: During the process of development, Visual studio proves very helpful in modifications of coding done by the team.

Active Directory: This is another development process where a team of Bankex is allowed to access the services of MS Azure.

Application Insights: Statistics that are related to performances of products are being presented by Application Insights for further developments. Besides this, it is also very useful in tracking down possible errors. 

Storage Account: It is another very valid factor in knowing about Bankex benefits. As the name suggests, it deals in storing data in space which is durable and scalable. 

Apart from all these benefits, there is another factor that must not be missed is plasma technology. It enables users to get a direct asset exchange platform with no interference from third parties. Plasma technology is a network of Ethereum blockchain facilitating in providing security and faster transactions with minimal costs. 

Where To Buy Bankex?

If you are eager to know about Bankex token and where to buy it, then first have a basic understanding of this utility token, which is made for active participants for contribution and better use of the platform. Now coming to your next query which is regarding its availability. There are popular exchanges like Bittrex, Hotbit, and Okex. A well-known cryptocurrency platform like CoinSwitch helps the users in trading cryptocurrency across exchanges for Bankex. A user can make the best use of the option to explore maximum crypto exchange pairs and can tick on the chosen one.

What Sets Bankex Apart From Other Cryptocurrencies?

An interesting fact about Bankex is that it is different from other cryptocurrencies. It is a standout platform that features PoA (Proof of Asset) protocol for asset tokenization with liquidity. Bankex faces major competition with MakerDAO, Loopring, and Stellar. The number of services it provides to the users including storage and token assets sets Bankex apart from other blockchain-based cryptocurrency platforms. Now you must be reading a lot about cryptocurrencies aiming to supersede banks in this new age of economy. Bankex in comparison to these digital currencies lends working support to the banks.


So this was all about Bankex. If you have never been familiar with this token, then today, you get to know all about it through this blog. If you look at today’s economic scenario, Bankex has emerged as an important platform in providing liquidity to the assets of investors. This function is performed through tokenization involving the unification of banks and financial assets. Bankex potential can be reflected in its BKX coin that carries the advantage of tokenization. Bankex was founded by Idor Khmel holding experience in blockchain development and banking too. If you want to know any new update of cryptocurrency, then better follow breaking crypto news

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