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8 Reasons Your Cell Phone Repair Shop Should Be In Contract With Organizations

You know contracts with organizations are profitable. You’ve often heard of people talking about having 20 devices to repair each week. While you’re struggling to get your next repair.

You’re doing fine. But you need things to start happening, big things. You want to do expand, upgrade to the best cell phone repair shop POS Software, open another location and more. And yet there you are, struggling to keep just one shop afloat.

That’s where getting into a contract can really help.

Which Kind Of Organizations Should You Target?

This brings us to the question of what kind of organizations are out there, that a cell phone repair shop owner can target. Well, there’s a plethora of them out there. You can target your local schools and colleges that have computers and tablets.

It can also be hospitals since they have computers. Moreover, the doctors and nurses have cell phones and tablets that mostly need urgent fixing. A contract with a hospital will also help with your brand building and grow your community value.

Other public organizations include the fire department, city council, military, postal service, police department, etc.

You do not have to be limited to public organizations. If you have insurance companies within your shop’s vicinity, they make for a very lucrative deal. You can also contact local B2B businesses. Private offices have computers, laptops, cell phones, and tablets that you can repair, replace and purchase.

Benefits Of Seeking Contracts With Organization

There are more benefits of offering your services to organizations than you can think of. And a good cell phone repair shop POS will keep the load easy to handle as well. Some of the primary perks are given below.

Less Time-Consuming

Dealing with one customer who gives you twenty devices to repair is less time-consuming than dealing with twenty customers with one device repair each. It also consumes less time to bag a contract with an organization than it would to bring an equal amount of business from single entities. So spend your time wisely. If you think it is a lot of time and effort to send a proposal to an organization, you are ignoring the long-term benefits associated with it.

Regular Income

Most cell phone repair shop owners struggle to make ends meet. They’ve invested in the right cell phone repair shop POS, they’ve hired the right people and they’re working hard. And yet, getting a regular income out of the repair shop would be close to a dream come true. A contract with an organization will guarantee that. You may not get device repairs on a weekly basis but depending on which organization you have a contract with, a monthly stream of repairs should be expected.

Easy Referrals

There are two types of referrals you are likely you get. For starters, there will be referrals coming in from the professional circle of the people working in the organization. The second stream of referrals will come from their personal circle. People who are happy with your job are very likely to refer you to others.

No Vested Interest

One of the best things about getting a company contract is that your point of contact does not personally own any of the devices. That means they are not emotionally invested in the devices. This factor makes your job much easier because your customer will not be as finicky as they would be with their own device.

Less Stressful

You no longer have to worry about creating 20 tickets for 20 different clients in your cell phone repair shop POS. You can now make one ticket and add all the articles within one ticket which makes it much less stressful. Secondly, dealing with one client instead of twenty is another factor that can make contracts with organizations so much easier.

Bigger Order Value

With a single customer, you are mostly dealing with one or two repairs, an accessory purchase and once in a blue moon, a device purchase. With an organization as a customer, one order is likely to include tens of repairs or accessories purchases. Thus, the overall order value from an organization will be much bigger than that of a single customer.

Increase Customers Base

When you sign a contract with an organization, you can extend a discount for the family members of the employees of that organization. This will increase your customer base without putting in a lot of effort. Moreover, since the employees have to visit your repair shop to get their devices fixed anyway, it will of course make sense for them to take along the devices of their family members as well. Besides, the family discount is bound to convince them to use your cell phone repair services only.

Up-Sells & Cross-Sells

The easiest way to up-sell and cross-sell is to bag a contract with an organization and then add complementary services. For instance, if an organization has laptops, you can up-sell and offer to provide screen protectors and laptop cases.

And if they have laptops already, you can also convince them to buy tablets as well. Moreover, if you’re providing an organization with new devices, you can also offer to buy back their previous devices, refurbish them and then resell them.

Considering the benefits above, offering services to organizations should be a no-brainer for any cell phone repair shop.

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